Halloween Makeup Tutorial Videos: my own attempt and a selection of GOOD ones.

So what are you going to be for Halloween? What’s your excuse for dressing up?

This year, we’re doing Halloween on a very small, intimate, and CHEAP scale. (We’re saving money for our eventual relocation to North Carolina.) As far as I know, I don’t have any parties to attend, and I won’t be working on Halloween night.

I suppose I could skip the costume thing, but I know I won’t really do that. If nothing else, on Halloween night, I’ll be out roaming the streets, looking for houses that deserve to be recognized as Halloween Heroes.

And I’ll be wearing something spooky to do it. For me, that probably means a simple black dress, maybe a veil or a hat (or both,) and — most importantly — makeup. If I don’t get the chance to pull out my kit and turn myself into a monster, it’s not Halloween.

A couple of years ago, I made an EXTREMELY AMATEURISH tutorial video of me applying zombie-style wounds. The filming was fun, even if the editing was a bit of a nightmare. Have a look if you like, but there’s better to come in this post.

Zombie Wound

eyes through powder tray fixed

So. yeah. Let’s move along, shall we?


After some internet spelunking, I’ve found some GOOD makeup tutorials to share with you. I’m interested in affordable looks, useful techniques AND interesting voices / personalities. Here are my personal picks:

Petrilude – 

Who’s Your Da.. Mummy?


Here’s his YouTube channel and here’s his Halloween-specific list.


Mirium Luso –

The Devil Look

Here’s her YouTube Channel and here’s her Halloween-specific list.


ExtremeSFX.com – Very professional use of prosthetics, by a supplier. Spendy, but gorgeous.

Dark Vampire

Diabolical Clown

Here’s the YouTube channel.


Goldie Starling –

This one grosses me out, but I still want to try it: Hot Wax

And the imagination here, is amazing: Vincent Van Gogh

Here’s her YouTube channel and here’s her Halloween / Fantasy list and here’s her special FX series.


Shonagh Scott –

Iron Man

Here’s her YouTube channel.


Siobhán of LetzMakeup.com

It’s a joy to listen to the lilt in this artist’s voice as she explains her Halloween Clasic … Skull/Skeleton makeup:

And I love this Haunted Victorian / Gothic Doll

Here’s her YouTube channel and here’s her Halloween-specific list.


Check out Eva Halloween’s collection of videos here: The Year of Halloween – Makeup Tutorials

Scary Clown, above, was featured in her post A Stranger in the Looking Glass: Top 5 Tutorials of 2012


Don’t be intimidated by the artists you just watched. For $20-30, you can pick up enough items to make a  versatile kit. Add some time and patience, and you can learn how to transform yourself (and your friends.) Remember, this – like all Halloween activities – is supposed to be fun. Relax. Have a good time.  Just play.



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13 Comments on “Halloween Makeup Tutorial Videos: my own attempt and a selection of GOOD ones.”

  1. Wow great post!

    Question….. have you heard of livescifi.tv? They are doing a month long investigation at a house that was investigated by the Warrens. It is supposedly (according to several sources including the Warrens back in their day) inhabited by demons.They do the investigating while we, the viewers help watch camera’s and watch for stuff. Right now they have camera’s going 24/7 but only investigating at night. I love it because I can do it from the comfort of my own home (kind of agoraphobic). They are starting their investigations at 9 EST. but as I said they have camera’s going all the time right now. Be careful though it is highly addictive. Oh they also have chat rooms but they can be a bit much, unless you like such things. Let me know what you think



    • Ok, had another comment here, but now I’ve had a chance to check it out on the good (fast connection) PC. This is very cool. And it appears to go on until November 2nd. I’ll spend some time with it, then probably share it on NetNet. Thanks SO MUCH for the tip!!

      • They took last night off so tonight should be a good investigation. I have been watching them for years now and I love how Tim pushes the envelope. Doing things I would never do. He got scratched the last two nights they worked once a “6” on his neck and “die” on his stomach. I know what I will be doing Halloween night. You are SO welcome!

  2. Nice, you did a great job at the make-up for the split cheek zombie wound.

    I really like the Van Gogh one too. It is such an original idea.

  3. Loved the surprise ending to your video! 🙂

  4. Great work on your tutorial! These are all so fabulous…Thank you for the honor of being included!

    • I really wish I’d put some basic foundation on before I started. When you have to pour over every frame of a video for editing purposes, BOY! can you see the flaws and the age. But it was fun. And I learned a lot. Someday I’ll do one that I’m happier with.

      Andv you’re welcome. I think your posts are consistantly high-quality.

  5. L’ha ribloggato su Breaking Breade ha commentato:
    I migliori makeup per halloween (con relativi tutorial)

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