Body Preservation


body preservation

Body Preservation is a collection of posts about living a lifestyle that accommodates – even celebrates –  the love of horror, gothic sensibilities, and the drive to spend far too many hours creating or enjoying the dark arts. It’s intended for those of us who want to feel good, look good and function well, but who just can’t face being perky, sunny, chipper, perfect (pod)people 24/7.

Here you will find articles about food, fitness, personal style, relationships, and productivity – all specially twisted to meet the needs of horror fans and dark artists.

Those of us who prefer the world a little more dangerous and shuddersome than most are often terrible at self-care. We deprive ourselves of sleep so that we can watch that old black and white horror classic on TV. We work for 13 hours at a time – on a manuscript or a scale model of 1313 Mockingbird Lane. We require great quantities of caffeine and chocolate.  We fear vegetables.

movie poster attack of killr tomaotes

Then, when we notice we feel lousy, we seek out self-help advice that inevitably instructs us to change EVERYTHING about how we live. We are told to exercise, sleep and eat in ways that take time and energy away from our arts and our interests. We are encouraged to adopt styles, behaviors and attitudes that feel unnatural.

Thinking such advice is the one true path to health and well-being, we try to be good for a little while. We go to the gym wearing neon-accented spandex. We shun sugar, liquor and white foods.  We deny ourselves the pleasure of late-night marathon reading sessions. Over tome. though, our bad old habits creep back in because we HATE that shit! Then we feel drained and demoralized again. Well, no more – it’s time for us to restore our vitality and vigor while still being true to our macabre little hearts.

How else will we be able save the normal folks who shut down completely in the face of a marauding werewolf or a zombie horde?


Find articles about creepy adventures and media – books, crafts, movies, music and television – at Courting Creepy.




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Food for Writers / Artists / Other Obsessives

pannekoeken (aka Dutch babies, German pancakes)
honey and fruit harvest bread
iced coffee concentrate
survival bowls
the superfoods for writers (who really need them)

Decadent / Gorgeous Food

midnight cookies
vodka slushes
blood oranges
lemonade concentrate

Getting Away With It Food

WARNING: Many of these are old family recipes that rely on Minnesota essentials like baking mixes and cream-of-chicken soup.

Boston cream poke cake
freezer muffin mix
the miracle of stir fry
turkey, sausage, kale soup
Ogre’s chili
egg bake
frozen meatballs – a lifeline
quick garlic biscuits that go with anything
Lorilee’s crazy cake


Emergency repair and restoration after excessive hunching over the keyboard.

the wall is your friend
targeted yoga

Improvement and maintenance that won’t bore you to death.

twilight walk (summer)
twilight walk (autumn)
Zombies, Run!
the treadmill


Getting away with gothic.

Michel Negrin
Why men should go back to wearing proper hats.


Care and feeding of a writer (or other oblivious obsessive.)


The Resolutions Review Series:

Resolutions Review: did you get control of your weight, fitness, money, and work issues? (Plus power poses.)

How “You Need A Budget” (YNAB) helped us save $1000 in less than 3 months.

How Spark People helped me lose 10 pounds in 11 weeks without dieting.

Write more with fun (free) productivity tools: Focus Booster, Write or Die, Camp NaNoWriMo, WriMoProg & progress meters.


Write or Die – a productivity tool designed to overcome my personal writer’s faults.
WriMoProg – Writer’s Monthly Progress
Keeping Score – under construction
9 organizational tools to improve your productivity and support your resolutions.


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