Emergency NaBloPoMo post: my excuses.

Before I go to bed tonight, I WILL post the 2 weeks ‘ til Halloween countdown post which is due today. (Hey, if I haven’t slept yet, it ain’t tomorrow.)

Up until a moment ago, I was busily editing a make-up tutorial video that my daughter and I made this afternoon. I’ve come to realize there’s no way it will be done by midnight. Instead of stressing about it, I’m cheating a bit with this post.


When we were only half-done with the video, my camera’s battery died.  We then had to drive to Anoka to fetch my charger, because I left it behind last weekend, when I was there doing zombie make-ups for some friends.

As long as we were in town, we stopped to look for a Halloween Capital of the World sweatshirt that my daughter wants to buy. We stopped at 3 stores. They we all out of stock. We swung through a drive thru to get sodas and some breadsticks too.

Mind you, I looked like this:

zombie still

Every time someone gave me a strange look, it took a moment for me to realize why. It’s funny how you forget you’re wearing makeup.

On the way home, Pooka and I got to chatting, and I missed my turn … three different times.

Eventually, we found ourselves near one of my favorite graveyards, so – of course – I decided to give Pooka a drive-thru tour.

There was lovely old gentleman out walking his little dog along the paths. He tipped his hat as we approached. I drove by slowly, giving him a big friendly smile. His doubletake was terrifying for a moment. (I mentioned that he was old, right?) But then he burst out laughing, so that was ok then.

Upon leaving the cemetery, I got turned around AGAIN and ended up exploring a whole new part of town.

Thus the Anoka trip, which should have taken less than two hours, roundtrip, ended up taking closer to five. But we had a good time, and no one got hurt, and the only real consequence is that the countdown post is going to go up Friday morning instead of Thursday night.

You all are probably already sleeping anyway.

Sweet dreams.

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