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After a lifetime of collecting hardcovers and paperbacks, I’ve converted to buying only digital books.

I never thought I’d see the day but, for me, the lure of having a (mostly) digital library has become irresistible. I love being able to read in the dark (on Kindle.) I love being able to “read” even when my hands are busy with a mindless task (on Audible.) I love being able to read any book in my library from wherever I am.

And I love being able to KEEP my books forever. (As long as I’m careful to make good backups.)

In 2012, when we moved from our house to an apartment, we gave away about half of our paper volumes, which left us with a skimpy five bookshelves full. It was heartbreaking. All those treasured words, gone.

Soon, we will be moving again, not across town, but 1,200 miles, from Minnesota to North Carolina. Another massive cull must be wrought. Our plan is to buy three big Rubbermaid bins, one for each of us, and pack our very favorite paper books into those. That’s what we’ll carry to our new home. (Plus, of course, the bin containing the best books from my children’s childhoods, which is is storage, waiting for grand-babies.)

It’s going to hurt. I’m grateful that my book purchases in the years since the move have been almost all digital.

I miss some aspects of a paper book of course: the smell, the feel, the independence from a battery’s charge level. One thing that I miss very much is the opportunity to have an author sign a copy of his or her work.

Creating a collection of virtual autographs is my solution to that problem.


In the future, if I “know” the author of a book I have bought in a virtual format, I plan to request a virtual autograph. (And I might get brave and ask authors I DON’T yet know too.) If I buy a lot of books from an author (ahem: Hunter; Jonathan) I will request only one autograph … unless there are special circumstances.

I will post the inscription, the book synopsis, and a ‘buy here‘ link, along with a photo of the book’s cover, here in this virtual album. (See below.)

If I’ve asked for YOUR autograph, here’s how you can indulge my whim:

  • Grab a blank piece of paper, roughly the size and shape of a paperback, and a writing instrument.
  • Visualize this: You are at a signing table, and I have come to you with a battered, obviously loved, copy of my favorite book (by you) in my hands.
  • (I will have already let you know WHICH book I’m “bringing,” in my autograph request.)
  • Imagine I am appropriately breathless and gushy as I ask for your autograph.
  • Pretend you are signing my book. (A simple autograph is fine, but cleverness or a personal note is great too. My name is Renae, or if you prefer, The Paranormalist.)
  • Snap a photograph of your inscription. (A cell phone shot is fine.)
  • Email the pic to me at:
  • That’s it. If you do me this solid, you will be permanently enshrined here in The Paranormalist’s Author Autograph Album.


“About the time when Houdini and Conan Doyle feuded over spiritualism, a crusading journalist named Vera Van Slyke attended and defrauded a séance led by one Lida Prasilova. This rough meeting blossomed into a lifelong friendship centered upon the exploration and explanation of when ghosts are not real, but also when they are! Vera and Lida’s many adventures are documented here, in this wonderful collection of stories that will bring about as many smiles as hairs standing upon the back of one’s neck. Join Vera and Lida as they prowl lonely mansions, bustling theatres, and underground train tunnels to unravel the mysteries of the spirit world and provide HELP FOR THE HAUNTED.”


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