Happy Halloween 2013!

My menfolk are singing We are the Champions as I type this. This post means that I’ve managed to bother you guys for ALL 31 DAYS of this month. (I doubt I’ll be posting tomorrow, but maybe.) We still have plans for the rest of the evening, but I thought I’d share the portion of the night that yielded photos.

As is our tradition, we stripped the decorations from the wider apartment in order to create a good display in the entryway.


Three trick or treaters came and went before Pooka and I headed out to try twisted ding dong ditch again. (The Boy stayed home to hand out treats.)

Tonight we opted to just don a couple of festive hats and walk right up to folks to present the prize. It went MUCH better. Folks were very excited to be declared Halloween Heroes.

Now I’m off to carve one last Jack, eat pumpkin seeds and watch Halloween.