‘NetNet: Blair Witch, The Simpsons, Bigfoot, scary stories in print and audio, Halloween decor, and death at Burger King.

This is another new feature at The Paranormalist, and one that’s been long in the coming. Tonight, I have to be quick about it, because I let The Boy have the computer all day. Now I have to get this whipped into some kind of shape before midnight. I’ll explain more about what I’m doing with this feature later … maybe next week. (Or I might keep working on it tonight.)

Stuff from your blogs that I particularly enjoyed this week:

Retro Review: The Blair Witch Project (1999) by The Angry Scholar
This folklorist’s take on a movie about folklore fascinated me.

movie poster blair witch


Bigfoot is Big News Lately by Hunter Shea
This cautiously hopeful update, coming from the author of Swamp Monster Massacre, made me smile. Also, Hunter and Jack have finally created a blog home for The Monster Men Podcast. It’s under construction and it needs subscribers. Hint. 

monster men logo


A New Spin On Your Halloween Altar and Decorations by The Big Seance (Patrick Keller)
A gorgeous and understated way to bring the Halloween spirit into your home.

patrick picture


Leeds by Nina D’Arcangela
A push-you-through-it short story, with a hidden little riddle. Extra fun if you know your obscure cryptids.



Gallery: Count The Homages in Guillermo del Toro’s Killer ‘Treehouse of Horror XXIV’ From The Simpsons by Horror Boom
I did not know about this. She informed me just in time. And now I’m excited.



Halloween Crawling in Your Ear: Spooky Audio Mostly for Free by Tim Prasil
I had loosely planned to write a post about Halloween audio this week – in the vein of Creepy reads for the Halloween season. I contacted Tim Prasil about featuring his work in such a post, only to find that he was half-done with one of his own. I decided to sub in a candy-themed post, so we wouldn’t be doing the same thing in the same week.

Now that I’ve read his piece, I cede to his expertise. It’s full of is great resources that should keep my Ipod / cell phone busy for months.

cary grant


Would You Like a Coffin With That? by Mark Petruska
This is a good-natured but morbid piece and I like it, but it’s the comment thread to this post that really delights me.

burger king