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Courting Creepy is a collection of posts about horror, dark fantasy and gothic media. It’s meant to be helpful to those readers who – like me – actively pursue the sensation of being deliciously creeped out, even as they function in a mostly non-paranormal world. My intention is to share my favorite shortcuts into the eerie, phantasmagorical mood that we love.

At the blog, I’ll post a new list of media recommendations at intervals (but not on a rigid schedule – I don’t do rigid). To keep things tidy, I will link to those lists here, at the Courting Creepy homepage.

I promise that I’ve actually read the books, watched the movies, crafted the crafts, listened to the music, or experienced the adventures I recommend. (Unless othrwise noted in the post.)

The inspirations I’ll present will slant toward the gothic, the darkly beautiful, the subtle and the not-too-gory … that’s just how I roll. I can’t promise you will love every suggestion, but I hope you will find, within the lists, something that feeds your horror hunger.


Find articles about food, fitness, style, and productivity (specially twisted to suit paranormal and horror fans) at Body Preservation.



Graveyards, churchyards and cemeteries: spending an afternoon with the dead.

Anoka, MN’s 1st annual Walking Dead Pub Crawl (2012)

Oliver H. Kelly Historical Farm, Anoka County, MN

1894 Hinckley, MN Firestorm (original video production)

Books & Authors:

coming soon

Crafts & Hobbies:

Halloween hobbies: monster models, knitting, cross stitch, paper cutting and more.

Movies / Films:

Twin Ranch Drive-In Movie Theater, Cleveland, Texas by Patrick

*Courting Creepy: 13 slots for an ever-shifting list of movies I have to see.*


summer at the drive-in trilogy

  1. Summer’s here, and the drive-ins are open.
  2. Chills at the drive-in on a hot August night. PLUS 2013′s summer horror / thriller movies.
  3. The ultimate drive-in movie checklist: why to go, what to bring, how to maximize the fun.


What kind of creepy movie are you craving?

collage 13 week square dated 2013

13 movies – set on or around Halloweentime – to watch in the 13 weeks before Halloween.


What I am (classic movie posters) by Damian

13 iconic movies – for those in need of a horror foundation – at Halloween (or anytime.)


Straight Jacket by Glen

13 unsettling movies – for psychological horror fans – at Halloween (or anytime.)


'josie giving morgan a little spa treatment' by Jeff

13 not-too-spooky movies – for girls’ night in (or a solo spa night) – at Halloween (or anytime.)


Writer's Block I by Drew

13 disquieting movies – for writers – at Halloween (or anytime.)


The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall believed to be in the public domain

The 13 most haunting films, for ghost story lovers (and another 13+ worth watching.)


Zombie T-shirt by Sam

13 crucial movies – for zombie lovers – at Halloween (or anytime.)



Television by Sarah

The Paranormalist’s 13 creepiest title sequences from television series.

Fall 2013 TV schedule for lovers of horror, paranormal, dark fantasy, suspense (and retro.)



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