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I participate in the weekly photography challenge sponsored by WordPress. You’ll see my entries as they come through my blog feed. There is also an index page with links to all my entries at:

The Paranormalist’s PostAWeek



I am attempting to establish a habit of taking an interesting cell phone snapshot every day, to share on my micro-blogs. The practice is meant to help me remember to notice (and capture) haunting moments that I might otherwise miss (or forget.)

I post the pics to Facebook, G+, and Tumblr. (Along with notifications of new posts here at The Paranormalist blog, and a daily link to something creepy or cool I’ve found elsewhere on the web.)

If you want to add the practice to your life, and if you use any of those sites, feel free to “friend/follow” me, then join me in using the hashtag #hauntingphotoaday. I can’t promise I’ll notice all your shots, but it would be fun for me to see glimpses of your life when I do search the tag.

My photo-a-day shots are sometimes ho-hum, sometimes off-topic, but they are memories all the same, which is why I archive them at Flickr.

My Haunting Photo A Day Album on Flickr

Sometimes, though, a particularly eerie subject presents itself, or I catch an perfectly haunting mood that I love. When that happens, I add the photograph to a special gallery hosted here, at The Paranormalist.



The images in the Haunting Photos Gallery are drawn from direct submissions, and from the Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt (see below) that I sponsor in September and October. Sometimes I request permission to post an image I see as I wander the web. (I’m a little shy about doing that, though.) I would love to feature your haunting photos alongside mine in the gallery.

What to photograph:

Keep an eye out for abandoned buildings, foggy vistas, and haunting objects. Photograph everyday things from a new angle, or under unusual lighting conditions. Watch the sky; notice the shadows. Tell a story in a photograph. Go ahead and fabricate a ghost picture, or a cryptid sighting – but PLEASE mark such images as frankly faked. (If you can fake a realistic-looking ghost pic, you should be able to figure out how to watermark or caption it in a way that makes it clear it’s art, not a hoax.)

If you would like submit your haunting photo(s) to the gallery, send them to:


The following slideshow presentation of the Haunting Photos Gallery is just a teaser, and it may not contain all the photographs in the collection. To see ALL the images, in a tiled mosaic format, please visit the main gallery:

Haunting Photos Gallery

Note: The main gallery features links to each photographer’s page (if they have one.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




The original idea:

This is a photo-a-week for folks who crave dark fiction, enjoy a good scare, and love paranormal things. It is a challenging project in which you try to take one photograph each week which will appeal to people who perceive, even cultivate, a certain air of mystery in day-to-day life.The goal of the project is to develop and maintain an awareness of all the wonderfully creepy things that lurk around the edges of normalcy.  The inspiration words can be interpreted in any way you like, as long as you stay within the spirit of the guidelines provided by the “Rules and Cautions” at the bottom of this page.

More information about the project will soon be available at:

The Haunting Photo A Week Challenge (link pending)

My thoughts right now:

Though I would love for folks to commit to taking a photograph each week, I have learned, from my own attempt, that’s a tall order. I’d like for this to be a fun, inclusive project. In the revised version, folks will be encouraged to participate as little, or as much, as they like. All submitted shots will be considered for inclusion in the Haunting Photos Gallery.

If you have an interest in taking on this challenge, I would be happy to set up a slideshow-style gallery for you (similar to the ones you can see on the 2014 Halloween Scavenger Hunt page, linked below) on the new Haunting Photo A Week Challenge page. Alternatively, I could make a prominent link to YOUR display of the project. I’d love to hear what you think of this idea in the comments below, or email me at hauntingphotos@gmail.com.



In 2014, I hosted the inaugural Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt here at The Paranormalist blog. You can learn how it works, and view a few individual galleries, by visiting:

The 2014 Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

2014 halloween photo scavenger hunt promo

UPDATE: The 2nd Annual Halloween Photo Hunt is up and running HERE.



If you post a photo on any social media site, it may be viewed by anyone with access to that social media. Others could see, copy, and use your photo(s) for any purpose. For that reason, I have some suggestions:

  • Consider any photo you submit to hauntingphotos@gmail.com to be “public domain” or CC0 (See below.)
  • Don’t submit photographs that you, yourself, did not take.
  • Don’t submit photographs of other people if they are recognizable.*
  • Don’t submit photos of yourself that others could use in a way that would harm you or your reputation.
  • Don’t submit images that are gross, disgusting or overtly sexual.
  • Feel free to put a watermark on your photograph if you hope to be recognized as its photographer in the event it becomes distributed on the web.
  • Don’t submit any image that is not directly related to the theme of haunting photos. No ads or promotions.

*Note: Some photographs in the gallery, taken by me, Renae Rude, do show recognizable people. I have model release forms signed by the subjects of those photos on file.

CC0: By submitting a photo to the address hauntingphotos@gmail.com, you are agreeing that the photograph is licensed under CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) That means you hold no copyright at all to the photograph. I will label submissions with a photo credit, linked to a social media site owned by the photographer, if the photographer provides that information to me when submitting, but I am not legally required to do so. To understand more about the CC0 license, click the icon below.CC0

To the extent possible under law, Renae Rude has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. This work is published from: United States.



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