Something went terribly wrong.

Several hours ago, I promised a complete countdown post would be available by morning-time. It is now 5:43 am, and this post is not even close.

With two weeks to go until Halloween, I had hoped to share my own amateur zombie makeup tutorial video with you, before directing you to some good professional ones.

Just after midnight, I finished editing my movie project. I reviewed it once last time, then saved. Then this happened:

well damn

I’ve spent far too many hours trying to repair it. Apparently, something is corrupted.

I still have all the original video files, so it’s possible for me to do it over again if I can figure out what went wrong. We’ll see about that after I’ve had some sleep.

Right now – before I take my frustrated self off to dreamland – what I’m going to do is point you at one of my favorite blogs, The Year of Halloween. The web-mistress there, Eva Halloween, is a makeup tutorial connoisseur. For the time being, I think it best to step aside and let an expert guide your tour:

Makeup Tutorials Collected by Eva Halloween