My ghosts & monsters

zombie cuddles 

Click the following links to read posts about my possibly paranormal experiences.

The Mothman-Gargoyle Thing I saw above a pond.

      How old do you have to be to be a credible witness?

The Haunted Television in Room 566

     Who turned on the TV?

The Ghost From Room 107

     Wouldn’t a hotel suicide be a prime candidate for becoming a ghost?

Grandma Teacup 

     Two generations ignoring the barrier between the living and the dead?

The Blue Lady 

    A night visitation or sleep paralysis?

The Shadow-Figure in Room 217

     Who was in this supposedly vacant room when I barged in at two-thirty in the morning?

The Linwood Woolly Beast 

     How many beers would one have to drink to “see” this cryptid?

The Linwood Woolly Beast: Part II

     How the hell do you spell ‘woolly’ anyway?


  • Uncle Philip, the recluse & Aunt Frieda, the other recluse.
  • The house on Ferry Street. (bird of paradise)
  • Three Haunted Stairways.
  • The Mostly-Gentle Poltergeist.

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