#NetNet: Halloween Mad Libs, Witchfinder General, live ghost hunt, 8 bit cinema, a few reviews, vampires, and Sad Cat Diary.

This sniffly, sneezy, coughy cold is getting the better of me, but – after a long coma nap on Ogre’s patient chest – I am awake. (Going to the Anoka Halloween Grand Day Parade today knocked me out.) Ogre has gone off to buy frozen pizza and TWO kinds of pudding for me, so I’m not miserable at this very moment. Let’s see what I can pull together for you guys this week.

There is no way I’m going to capture every great thing that happens in my personal web, let alone on the wider internet. The posts I feature here just happened to catch my eye. They resonated with me and whatever is going on in my life right now. And they are worth sharing.


Especially for Scholar:

The Shining – 8 Bit Cinema


And here’s a fantastic DOUBLE review of Pet Sematary … both the film and the book, by none other than The Angry Scholar. Read: Retro Review Double Feature: Pet Sematary (Novel, 1983; Film, 1989)

book cover pet semetary


Don’t forget to check on my Cheeseburger site: ParanormalLOLs once in a while. I add to the collection whenever I find something that gives me a grin.

jaws costume

This seems perfect for this week.

lols copy


Totally off-topic, but I found this interesting:

This GIF Shows the Most Popular US Baby Names for Girls Since 1960


Oh, what the hell. As long as I went THAT far off topic, allow me to just post this cat video. Forgive me, please. I am sick, after all.

“Like Sisyphus, I am bound to Hell.”


Wednesday’s Child, over at Deep Red Rum, has identified the creepiest kid in Children of the Corn. There’s just something about this particular review that I really like.

movie poster children of the corn


Speaking of reviews I just like, Mark Petruska’s review of Orange is the New Black has inspired me to give the show a go. Plus, the post is plain entertaining. Read: Oh, What a Tangled Web… over at Mark My Words.



Madeleine Swann brings us a wonderfully British story, told in a wonderfully British voice. This five-minute video is clean, well-made, professional and fascinating. Watch: Weird true stories of the Witchfinder General. Remember to leave likes and comments at her blog or YouTube. We want to encourage this sort of behavior.


I don’t even know what to call what it is PumpkinRot does. I think I want to say he creates beautiful, terrible, artistic, horror installations. This is waaaay beyond haunting a front yard, Folks. My particular favorites can be found in Halloween 2010.



Library of Ghosts is a new-to-me blog, by Dylan A Kent. She’s doing an interesting series of recommendations for cocktail, book and movie combinations. I particularly enjoyed the one which begins: Halloween is the time when portals open between worlds.


At her blog, Nancy, of Not So Fancy Nancy, has been transcribing letters her father wrote in the years 1937 – 1945, including those he wrote home to his family while he served in the US Army during WWII. This project makes for amazing reading, and I recommend you check it out. It begins HERE. She just wrote the epilogue this week.

BUT, I’m mentioning Nancy right now because she messaged me with information about an ongoing, live, ghost hunt. The web page is here: Haunted Warren House LIVE Ghost Hunt

The team is having nightly investigations at 9 pm EST, now thru Nov. 2nd. At other times, the live feed is just left running.


‘Ever run into a post in your reader and think, “Oh God! I wish I’d thought of that.” (And how, precisely should I have punctuated that?) ANYWAY. Joanna Parypinski, author of Pandora, is hosting a Halloween Mad Libs contest. YOU MUST ENTER BY 11:59 PST, OCTOBER 27th. (Or just craft up your list, and check back to see how the story would read with your choices later this week.)

Here are my choices:

Adjective: arcane
Adjective: eldritch
Noun: shadow
Verb: repulse
Name (of a person): Langston
Adverb: lucidly
Adjective: harrowing
Verb (past tense): prowled
Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness): elation
Noun: music box
Sound: howl
Monster: ghoul
Verb (past tense): imprisoned
Phrase: Dear God! How can such a thing be allowed to exist?


Vampire Maman has shared an account of a recent visit to the elders. Such a lovely Halloween gathering. Read: Vintage Halloween (with Wolfhounds and Old Vampires)


Almost forgot to share this find, brought to me by my friend Paul. These are called litographs … they feature the original text of classic works of fiction, printed with white space areas that illustrate the story. You can get them in prints, t-shirts and totes. They have all the great old authors: Shelly, Hawthorn, Poe and this:


Pop over to Litographs, to see if they stock a piece featuring your favorite author.



I’m betting you read NetNet, quickly. You scan the list and pick out links that appeal to you. Which is as it should be. Normally, I wouldn’t post anything that requires more of a time commitment from you, but I’m making an exception for this episode of Monster Men.

If you are a die-hard vampire fan, you probably want to settle in for about 20 minutes to watch this. These guys know more about Dracula movies than I do. (And that’s a lot.) I split the time between proudly congratulating myself with thoughts like, ” I KNEW that” and scribbling notes about vampire leads I now need to check out.

Episode 50 – Dracula


Hey! ‘Turns out this is my 200 post.


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