Does this count as keeping regular work hours?

I’m wearing a dog suit. Because I’m cold.

For weeks now, my typical routine has been to wake between 10-11a, then to divide the day between supporting my son’s increasingly independent home-schooling schedule and writing, then to spend a few hours in the evening enjoying my family, then to spend the night writing some more – until I go to sleep sometime between 4-6a. It’s an unconventional lifestyle, but it works for me and mine … except for the night chill that sets in at about 1a.

I’m going to have to buy those footed pajamas I keep noticing at Target. And get busy making myself those fingerless gloves that I listed on my 101 in 1001 list.

Should I get the bunny feet or the sock-monkey feet?

3 Comments on “Does this count as keeping regular work hours?”

  1. I think you should go for sock-monkey feet! Speaking of which I need to get me a pair and a snuggie 😉

  2. Judy Limburg says:

    I absolutely agree – – sock-money feet, hands down. And those snuggies are pretty awesome. They look a little weird (don’t wear it to the grocery store), but they sure keep you warm!!

  3. kat says:

    You cannot go wrong with sock monkeys.

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