What, do you suppose, are my chances of being arrested in the next 1001 days?

In the ‘studying ghosts’ section of my 101 in 1001 list, I have the following goals:
59. develop basic script for EVP solicitation
60. master equipment & software for EVP recordings
61. develop photographic procedure for paranormal investigations
62. develop complete paranormal investigation template
63. compose solicitation letter for for owners of potential investigation sites
64. build a tempting ghost toy
65. do at least one complete investigation of a graveyard
66. do at least one complete investigation of a reputedly haunted house
67. do at least one complete investigation of a mystery creature hotspot
68. do at least one overnight investigation of a reputedly haunted hotel/motel

Numbers sixty-five and sixty-seven are giving me the cold sweats.

The first six tasks in this section are completely within my control. (I like to be in control – I make detailed plans, to ensure that I stay in control.) The last, an investigation of a haunted hotel/motel, is simply a matter of having enough money to rent a room. Even the more difficult ‘investigate a reputedly haunted house’ only requires that I convince a stranger, who has no reason to trust me, to give me permission to poke into every nook and cranny of his or her house, in the middle of the night, for hours. Primarily so that I can satisfy my own curiosity. Still, unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong, number sixty-six won’t get me arrested.

It’s those remaining two goals that have me mentally rehearsing my inevitable encounter with some fine officer of the law, who has every right to sling my butt into jail for trespassing. Lately, when I am out driving by myself, I find myself considering using a payphone to call a police station to ask – you know, hypothetically – what a cop might do to a well-intentioned, harmless, middle-aged lady they find prowling around a graveyard at midnight.

Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested at King's Ga...

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Obviously the way to avoid being caught committing a misdemeanor is to find isolated, out-of-the-way places to investigate … preferably places where a local property owner isn’t likely to justifiably shoot the trespasser skulking around and his or her land.

It’s not much of a plan yet, is it?

NOTE: To illustrate my post, I found the above public domain image. Curiosity made me look up the pictured woman. She was an important British suffragette. Click Emmeline Pankhurst to learn more.