Some days are just much too much.

Today was fraught with too many contrasting sensations and emotions. I basked in the warm sunlight, while ignoring the wintery scent (or absence of scent) that hung in the air. I celebrated a fantastic accomplishment with one friend, and cried at frightening news from another. Then I did the weirdest thing – I went back to working. I have checked every chore off my daily to-do list, yet I know something important has been left undone.

I can’t stop thinking about
what I should do about
a situation that I think I can do nothing about.

And, just a few minutes ago, I found this when I went to investigate a loud thump from upstairs:

I know one of the animals did it. I don’t know how or why. They were all looking sleepy and innocent in another room when I got up there. It’s nothing. But I had to take a photograph of it to share … because, somehow – when I saw it – it perfectly captured how I feel tonight.