Footy PJs & the dog suit.

Every morning, I get to collect comments from the 4 blogs and 2 Facebook pages that I keep. (Each mirroring the same content.) Just thought you’d like to know that last night’s little post, re: sock-monkey feet v. bunny feet, garnered the most comments I’ve ever received. The vote, so far, has gone unanimously(!) to … sock-monkey.

Also, by request, here is a picture of me in the dog suit:

2011 halloween costumes dog suit editied


Does this count as keeping regular work hours?

I’m wearing a dog suit. Because I’m cold.

For weeks now, my typical routine has been to wake between 10-11a, then to divide the day between supporting my son’s increasingly independent home-schooling schedule and writing, then to spend a few hours in the evening enjoying my family, then to spend the night writing some more – until I go to sleep sometime between 4-6a. It’s an unconventional lifestyle, but it works for me and mine … except for the night chill that sets in at about 1a.

I’m going to have to buy those footed pajamas I keep noticing at Target. And get busy making myself those fingerless gloves that I listed on my 101 in 1001 list.

Should I get the bunny feet or the sock-monkey feet?