I’m thankful that I have accepted my paranormal nature this year.

I have stopped worrying about living a normal, appropriate life. Want evidence that this is true? I ended “yesterday” at about 7:30 this morning – with a ride to McDonald’s to get breakfast. I had spent the night catching up on the small writing and editing tasks that I mentioned HERE. (And watching Session 9 and In the Mouth of Madness.)

This is not the first time I’ve stayed up all night on Thanksgiving eve. In the past, though, I did it so I could cook and clean all night in preparation for a high-stress holiday. This time, it was just part of my regular routine.

Today – after I slept for a good, solid 5 hours – I watched Rocky with my menfolk. I knitted. I wrestled with my dog. I took a long, cozy nap. I goofed off.

I did not cook.

This year, my husband has been sick, and life has been busy. Had we tried to “do” Thanksgiving today, it would have been a rushed, unhappy process. In years past I would have soldiered on anyway. (Which is why I have a history of hating holidays – as noted on my 13 Things You’d Hate About Me list, visible HERE.)

We think we will have our traditional Thanksgiving meal on Sunday.  Because I like to cook, and  we do want to enjoy all those favorite Thanksgiving dishes. If something comes up that conflicts with that plan, we will calmly fit it in whenever we can.

Because who cares when we actually get two kinds of cranberry sauce and Chex mix?

Happy Thanksgiving!