Off-topic: my not paranormal life – karate

My impulsive decision to participate in NaBloPoMo has been good for my fledgling blog and for me. It has forced me to fling myself with abandon into the blogosphere – and into my freshly re-envisioned and re-defined lifestyle. I have spent many hours exploring the mysteries that have always appealed to me, and learning of a few new ones, like Black-Eyed Children. I’ve watched some great old movies, and have been directed to several more, which I somehow missed:

But tonight I am tired. And I am preoccupied with the parts of my life that are not related to bipolarity, writing, or the paranormal.

Tomorrow is a big day for our family – my 16 year old son will be testing for his advanced brown belt in Karate. It will be at least a year before he tests again. When he does, it will be to earn the coveted black belt that seemed so improbable six years ago, when we finally agreed to let him try Karate. Since then, he’s earned his gold, green, purple, blue, advanced blue, red, advanced red and brown belts. Since then, he’s grown up.

Tomorrow, I will post a photograph of this same ritual – except the ceremony, the testing venue, and the boy will be … bigger.

(Click her to go directly to that photograph.)