By July 22, 2014 – My 101 in 1001 List

The Paranormalist’s 101 in 1001 list is (close enough to) 20% complete.

(Started Tuesday, October 25th, 2011.)

My current status page.

Finessing Bipolarity
1. master making excellent coffee using my press (can do it, but bought a Kurig 🙂
2. be able to walk 4 miles in under an hour
3. be able to run for 1 mile without dying
4. establish an hour-long, weekly, writerly, walking habit
5. walk or do yoga daily through one full month
6. find and attend affordable on-going yoga classes
7. do nothing for at least 10 minutes daily, through one complete lunar cycle
8. establish an hour-long, weekly meditation habit
9. find and attend an afordable meditation venue / group
10. make regular kayaking possible
11. sort through everything I own in preparation for our move to town
12. use mood tracker & Joe’s Goals daily through one complete lunar cycle
13. drive myself to Como Zoo (get comfortable with route)
14. go to Como Zoo / The Conservatory once per season (2/12)
15. fly a kite in spring
16. spend a day in, on and near the water in summer
17. attend a Halloween party in autumn
18. host a civilized dinner party (Solstice? Murder Mystery? Oscar Night?) in winter
19. read 101 books (5/101)
20. see all the movies on AFI’s 100 Greatest American Movies 2007 version (started with 47, need 0/53)
21. have my hair cut by a decent stylist every 8 wks for a year (Jan Mar May July Sep Nov Jan)
22. buy stuff from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab 
23. purge my wardrobe of everything that doesn’t suit my body, mind and soul
24. learn to play three basic rhythms on bodhran drum (prerequisite to # 72.)
25. make art from favorite courage quote by Mary Anne Radmacher
26. knit two pair of beautiful, soft, warm fingerless-gloves for myself (1/2)
27. make or buy a proper knitting project bag
28. knit 3 items to give to a charitable organization (1/3)
29. volunteer at Feed My Starving Children 3 times (0/3)
30. donate more than a gallon of blood (3/9 done for sure +, ops: D M M J S N J M M J)
31. find and commit to a new nature study project
32. tithe 10% of a paycheck at least once (0/1)
Writing Horror
33. take at least one weekend writing retreat
34. establish a weekly artist date habit
35. submit Lizzy’s novel to critique group
36.set up a credited novel queue
37. close down critique group properly
38. finish first draft of Lizzy’s Novel
39. finish second draft of Lizzy’s Novel
40. finish third draft of Lizzy’s Novel (polish)
41. title Lizzy’s Novel
42. develop submission packet for Lizzy’s Novel (query, synopsis, etc.)
43. earmark 5 agents for courting (0/5)
44. send Lizzy’s Novel out into the world
45. write recollections of: blue lady; family ghosts; mothman over pond (1/3)
46. create & post ultimate “13 Creepiest Movies” list (created Courting Creepy page instead)
47. maximize potential readership of blogs (tweak settings as necessary)
48. successfully complete NaBloPoMo 
49. exceed 100 subscribers for The Paranormalist blog
50. enter a promising first chapter competition
51. outline Ruth’s Novel with index card section map
52. write first draft of Ruth’s Novel
53. outline Hypnotist Clown Novel with index card section map
54. write first draft of Hypnotist Clown Novel 
55. develop & write short story (<7,000 words) for Tennessee Williams contest
56. enter the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Contest (open: June 1- Nov 12)
57. go to this haunted house
58. watch 20+ movies from IMDb’s Top Rated Horror Titles (5/21)
Studying Ghosts
59. develop basic script for EVP solicitation
60. master equipment & software for EVP recordings
61. develop photographic procedure for paranormal investigations
62. develop complete paranormal investigation template
63. compose solicitation letter for for owners of potential investigation sites
64. build a tempting ghost toy
65. do at least one complete investigation of a graveyard
66. do at least one complete investigation of a reputedly haunted house
67. do at least one complete investigation of a mystery creature hotspot
68. do at least one overnight investigation of a reputedly haunted hotel/motel
The Rest of My Paranormal Life
69. get a comfortable, long term job and contribute to the family coffers
70. assemble son’s high school transcript to date
71. find joint nature-based volunteer op for my son & me
72. find joint history-based volunteer op for my son & me
73. learn a flute & bodhran duet with my son (with available vocals for daughter)
74. buy an new king-size bed and bedding
75. make a home out of new apartment
76. make business cards & photo release forms to hand out
77. use index card method to capture the “Right From The Start” non-fiction book
78. expand platform to encompass “Right From the Start”
79. define, conceptualize and get started on family almanac project
80. preserve seasonal berries & fruits each growing season (0/3)
81. master & memorize the basic bread recipe
82. teach my dog 10 new tricks / behaviors (1/10)
83. certify my dog for therapy work
84. take my well-behaved dog along to the Renaissance Festival
85. make organized, digital copies of of all existing photos & memorabilia
86. learn how to comfortably use the new camera (for nature & paranormal studies)
87. learn how to manage my IPOD (create play lists, get new audio, update, etc.)
88. develop foolproof digital data back-up routine
89. use Heritage Makers to create wall art from husband’s photographs (0/1)
90. use Heritage Makers to create wall art from MY photographs (01)
91. use Heritage Makers to make a deck of cards for us (0/1)
92.use Heritage Makers to make a scrapbook (0/1)
93. see Cirque du Soleil
94. learn some Spanish by completing Rosetta Stone level 1
95. learn more Spanish by completing Rosetta Stone level 2
96. learn more Spanish by completing Rosetta Stone level 3
97. vacation in Mexican ocean resort (after prerequisite is met)
98. vacation in North Carolina
99. vacation in New Orleans
101 in 1001 list
100. successfully complete NaNoWriMo
101. finish NaNoWriMo’s novel about hotel


NOTE: I used Picnik to create the photo collage seen here. I found the images at Dreamstime. The photographs are:

  • No Time by Only_Alone
  • Notebook by Ruslan Gilmanshin
  • Creepywood by Koh Sze Kiat
  • Free Range Chickens by Sbaines

8 Comments on “By July 22, 2014 – My 101 in 1001 List”

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  2. Judy Limburg says:

    that is quite a list you have . . . many of the items I too would like to complete. I especially liked your items 65-68! I love all things paranormal and would love to investigate some haunted site some day!

    good luck!

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  4. kat says:

    Hmm. I need to make a list. Good idea!

  5. Beckie says:

    I’ve learned so much in just the few minutes it took to read your list…I’m gobbling this up! Thanks for the inspiration!

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