In search of the cryptid known as the Linwood Woolly Beast.

I’ve lived in and around Anoka County all my life. I’ve always known it’s a creepy place. I know Billy’s Bar and Grill (formerly the Jackson Street Hotel) is supposed to be haunted. I know, back in the late 70s, some folks claimed to have seen bigfoot, prowling up near the county line. I know there are not-so-secret tunnels. (Some say they run under Main Street, others say they run under the Anoka State Hospital.)

I did not know about the Linwood Woolly Beast. Apparently, it is white and moose-sized, with the head of a goat. It likes to gallop through the fields on either side of county road 22 – a road I drive on pretty much every day.

I have found my mission.


Yes. I’m being snarky. Chalk it up to my irritation with the caliber of the information I waded through tonight, when I went looking on the internet for local paranormal sightings. Everything I found was either too vague to be useful or too sensational to be even close to credible.

I did my best. I was able to create a short list of possible investigation sites. I just have to remember that all I’m really looking for is hot-spots where different people, at different times, and under different circumstances, have noted feeling as though something was off. That’s as good a place to start as any.

PS:  By now you probably know that I like to include a visual with my posts … and that I would just about kill for an artist’s rendition of the Linwood Woolly Beast.

Come on. You know you want to. If you draw it, I will post it.