A picture can prompt a thousand words.

My first thought, when I saw this week’s prompt, was to share a few of the photographs I’ve taken which have either inspired stories and story elements, or served as reference for scenes I’ve written.

And I will do that, in just a sec.

First, though, I must share my all-time favorite story-in-one-picture shot:

I call it: “I do NOT like celery, Mom.”

It’s not the best photo, but it perfectly captures my dog’s sense of betrayal. In my defense, he likes almost everything people eat, so I had no idea he’d hate it so.

And, as promised, here are a just a few of the shots that have prompted some of my writing:


Here are some of my favorite STORY responses from others:

(I’ll add more as I have time to browse, so feel free to check back.)

winter noir –  love storycanvas tool kitbeginners chessfrogs are backmatchbox cars in Georgia (the country)this makes me miss the beach so muchforsakena Raleigh ghost storywitch house visitors –  cemetery guardian  – where did he go? –  some party last night, eh?careful!St. Louis Cemetery 1october 2, 2017simba, king of the neighborhood

Click her to view the photo challenge.

Find all my photographic projects at Haunting Photos (there’s also a link in the blog header.)

Fair warning: I’m returning to regular blogging after a long hiatus. I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. My posting schedule is off, and things might be a little messy if you wander around long enough. 


7 Comments on “A picture can prompt a thousand words.”

  1. All gorgeous photos! Remember to add scents to each in the writing. Really brings it to life. Dig the Bigfoot cut-out. My weirdo dog loves celery.

    • Thank you.

      Our new dog likes celery just fine. She’ll even eat lettuce … another food that our old guy thinks is contemptible … unless it has some kind of dressing on it.

      I spied the Bigfoot on a road trip with a very non-paranormal friend of mine. She indulged me by taking the next exit, looping back, AND tramping up a hill so I could get several shots.

    • Hey, Sheila, I’m planning to get back to reading blogs too. Was checking my old blog reader and your blog is coming back as inactive for a long time. Are you writing somewhere else these days?

  2. scoobyclue says:

    I am back blogging and apparently I have missed some good stuff … I will be digging through your blog this week

    • Oh! Then we’re in the same boat.

      There’s not much new her yet, but I hope to get to a good place of regular blogging AND reading.

      I’m just now setting up a new blog reader app called Inoreader. Trying to clean up the old one was just too daunting. I’ll add your feed tonight.

  3. Fabulous clicks! Lovely layout! Wow!

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