The Paranormalist’s Haunting Photos Gallery


Please see The Haunting Photos Index Page to learn how.

Note: I’m cleaning up the labels and links in this gallery, now that I’ve learned a new technique. I also have some more shots to add, but this is a decent sample.


To the extent possible under law, Renae Rude has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. This work is published from: United States.



8 Comments on “The Paranormalist’s Haunting Photos Gallery”

  1. Pooka says:

    Hey, one of those examples is mine! 😉

    If you’re using Instagram, I may actually participate. It’d be very noninvasive and easy for me since I don’t really blog anywhere. Assuming I can find proper subject matter.

    • That would be awesome. You’ve got an eye for the magical.

      • Alison says:

        Hey Renae,
        I was online looking for a good ghost story movie to get through yet another double digit below zero day and came across your website. Pretty cool! I’m very interested in the paranormal myself as I grew up in a real life haunted house. My great grandfather grew up in the same house I did and he was a well known for having local seances which is documented in the Isanti County historical society archives. I think that’s why the house had so many paranormal events happening. How can I become a follower of your website. I think it’s very interesting. You obviously have spent alot of time putting this all together.
        Take care
        Alison Perry
        By the way what is your favorite ghost story movie?

        • Hi Alison! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. (I’ll drop a note on your FB page too, in case you don’t get a notification that I finally responded.)

          We should get together for drinks (when it gets much warmer than this nonsense) and I should interview you about your great grandfather’s house. If you’re willing, of course.

          It looks like you figured out how to subscribe to the blog. You can also “like” my Facebook Author Page here:

          Because of the way FB works these days, not everything I post there will automatically show up in your FB feed, but you’ll get some. You can always search for the page itself and see everything. I post links to new blog posts over there.

          It’s so cool that I showed up in your search. It’s a little strange it brought you to this post, because I have a whole page meant to assist folks in their ghost movie searches.

          My favorite ghost movie is The Changeling (1980).

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  3. Hi Renae, this is an awesome idea! I am also a photographer, though many times it is put on the back burner. I’d love to try to remember to do some of these. I shared to Twitter and Pinterest and to my personal FB page. 🙂 Hope to join in. 🙂 And do it correctly too, I was a little confused about putting also to the gallery, so I’ll have to read more closely.

    • I’m glad you’re intrigued. (And thanks for sharing!)

      I see you followed me on Pinterest, so it looks like you’re already active there. Probably easiest for you to join the gallery there. Go to my profile, find the #hauntedphotoaweek board, leave a message on the main (cover) pin, asking to be a group member. I’ll give you posting privileges then you can pop anything you like onto the board.

      I could go invite you now that I know your Pinterest name, but it will be helpful for others to see how it gets done over there.

      I hope to get different folks working in the three “feeder galleries” – Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr. (Each person should use whatever is easiest and most familiar to them.) Every month I’ll pull some shots from each of those feeder galleries and put them up here on the “Best Of” gallery.

      Does that make sense? I edited the home post to try and make things a little clearer, thanks to your input. 🙂

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