Can I “camp” in a van, so the monsters don’t get me?

This week’s weekly photo challenge prompt is “I’d rather be …”

I had to think long and hard about this one, because I pretty much love my life as it unfolds; I’ve reached an age where I decide what I’m doing in any given moment. (Not that I always choose the right thing to be doing, but that’s on me.)

It wasn’t until I saw Facebook post from a friend who had a bonfire over the weekend, that I knew what I should share.

The truth is, I’d almost ALWAYS rather be tending a nice, manageable backyard fire. Preferably with my husband, my family, a good friend or ten,  a couple of dogs, a cold beer, a hot mug of something tasty, some marshmallows … or any combination of such treasured companions.

I have to confess: I didn’t take this photograph. It’s actually a shot my son took, when he was visiting his girlfriend in MN last summer. But it’s the only campfire picture in my photo files, so I stole it. I did a little cropping and re-touching, and adjusting. I played with it until it looked “right” to my nostalgic eye.

You see, I haven’t been able to sit fireside since we moved to NC, two years ago. (We’re in an apartment as we explore the state, looking for Home.) The closest I can get to a fire in my current living situation is to creep down to the charcoal grills late at night, once every month or two, to burn up journals filled with Daily Pages-style ramblings.

These charcoal and paper fires are not satisfying.

So. I’m using this prompt to remind myself to get out there and find a way. I don’t think we’ll be buying a house yet this year, but I know there must be campgrounds where fire-making is allowed. I guess I’m just going to have to learn to camp.

Baby steps, right? The Ogre and I (and the dogs) took an impromptu trip to the Uwharrie Mountains, on Friday. It was just a day trip, and a good one, but we only walked a short trail before we had to head back home. We didn’t have time to explore campground options. (And I was unable to convince him to find an all-night diner and park in the lot. Between the two of us, there was too much uncertainty about how likely it was that we’d get ourselves rousted or arrested.)

Does anyone know if it’s okay to “camp” in your vehicle? Apparently, I have been deeply scarred by too many horror movies that prove the thin fabric of a tent is no protection from the serial killers and monsters that inhabit campgrounds. I’d feel a lot better if I could sleep in my van.


Here are some of my favorite I’D RATHER BE responses from others:

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old men on a beachwalking in the woodscontemplating – Frank Lloyd Wright – Carolina BeachRome at night

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3 Comments on “Can I “camp” in a van, so the monsters don’t get me?”

  1. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Thanks for the link to my post.

  2. I don’t know about the camper, but I would think if you called a couple campgrounds or state parks someone could tell you. I’m thinking that it depends on where you park.

    • Yeah. Next step: more research.

      I really am hoping to use the van for lots of little overnights. It would keep costs down (so we could go more often) AND it would mean I don’t have to wonder if a rented room is a haven for bedbugs.

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