In search of the cryptid known as the Linwood Woolly Beast.

I’ve lived in and around Anoka County all my life. I’ve always known it’s a creepy place. I know Billy’s Bar and Grill (formerly the Jackson Street Hotel) is supposed to be haunted. I know, back in the late 70s, some folks claimed to have seen bigfoot, prowling up near the county line. I know there are not-so-secret tunnels. (Some say they run under Main Street, others say they run under the Anoka State Hospital.)

I did not know about the Linwood Woolly Beast. Apparently, it is white and moose-sized, with the head of a goat. It likes to gallop through the fields on either side of county road 22 – a road I drive on pretty much every day.

I have found my mission.


Yes. I’m being snarky. Chalk it up to my irritation with the caliber of the information I waded through tonight, when I went looking on the internet for local paranormal sightings. Everything I found was either too vague to be useful or too sensational to be even close to credible.

I did my best. I was able to create a short list of possible investigation sites. I just have to remember that all I’m really looking for is hot-spots where different people, at different times, and under different circumstances, have noted feeling as though something was off. That’s as good a place to start as any.

PS:  By now you probably know that I like to include a visual with my posts … and that I would just about kill for an artist’s rendition of the Linwood Woolly Beast.

Come on. You know you want to. If you draw it, I will post it.


11 Comments on “In search of the cryptid known as the Linwood Woolly Beast.”

  1. Good luck with the investigation– you make me want to review p.n. activity around my area. I read up on it a few years back, but the memory has faded. I do remember the Maco Light out in the Green Swamp. That I believe is the be-headed ghost of a railroad worker who shines a lantern near the old train tracks.
    Your beast is intriguing!

    • Green Swamp … what state are you in?

      I encourage you to refresh your memory, my boy and I had great fun keeping our eyes peeled for the woolly beast on our way to karate. Sadly, no luck 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    I actually *am* tempted to paint it. I may be getting back to you… it sounds like a fabulous beast.

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  4. john says:

    my brother and i have spent a lot nights out in there and by the boardwalk and besides scaring ourselves we never saw anything

  5. Bob says:

    Funny thing while reading these comments…I am that willing brother haha. My brother John and I have been out in those woods many times since we were kids. I never heard of this “beast” until my brother brought it up. Interest is now peaked…

  6. JENELLE says:

    I worked on a horse ranch located on what is now called “Sunrise Road NE” (but we knew it as County Road 75) back in the 1980’s. There was a legend known as the “Ghost Buck,” or the “Swamp Buck.” I wonder if he was the Linwood Woolly Beast? I saw the “Ghost Buck,” stopped my running horse dead in her tracks with 20 girlscouts behind me. He was very real, ghostly dark grey, and had a huge rack. I was unable to count the tines because he spun around so quickly and was gone in a blurry flash running. What a sight he was! Every hunter in the area was after him but he was too quick. Wondering if anyone else ever saw him or remembers hearing about him.

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