A long time coming, but now there’s happiness to spare.

I’ve been away from the Post-A-Week photo challenge, and from my blog, for a long time. (I’ve been almost totally silent since February, and — if I’m being honest — I went mostly-missing not long after last Halloween.)  I was busy being overwhelmed and obsessive about the things that needed to be done so that we could move from Minnesota to North Carolina.

It was a long, scary, and stressful process — one that began as a dream, more than seven years ago; then became a goal, about four years ago; then became a plan, at the end of last year.

It shouldn’t have been so all-consuming. I know folks do this kind of thing all the time, but when I was a younger woman it would never have occurred to me that I would. I was a Minnesota girl, through and through. I was rooted. I expected my life to unspool like that of all my friends and family members, who did not just pick up and start all over again in an unfamiliar biome and an unfamiliar society.

But then life happened.

(I don’t want to write about the circumstances that are included in that “life happened” phrase tonight, but if you want an overview, you’ll find it a pretty good one in the middle of this post which I wrote a couple of years ago, when we were still in the goal stage.)

The point is we are now here, together, in warm, lush North Carolina, and it’s time to get back to taking photographs, and blogging, and writing …  in short, it’s time to get back to living a life instead of planning for one.

I have two photos for the “spare” prompt:

First a very literal one. I had mentioned to my Ogre, on Friday night, the topic of this week’s photo challenge. A couple of mornings later, as we sat at the breakfast table doing our usual morning stuff, he suddenly looked up at me and said, “Wait, you need a photo for spare, right?” then he pushed his puzzle toward me. Slam!

Spare crossword

This next one, though, is the photo that really captured something special about spare for me this week.

2016.05.30 the rainbow from poolside

This is the pool at our new apartment community. We were relaxing in two of the loungers in the late afternoon. The sky was restless, with layers of clouds chasing each other about, and it was occasionally sprinkling us with soft, heavy, warm raindrops. We were talking about our new budget, and our new life, and about how much he’s enjoying his work, and how much I want to settle in to mine.

Then the rainbow came to delight us. A good omen.

The second bow? The one that came a few minutes later? That’s the spare one.

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8 Comments on “A long time coming, but now there’s happiness to spare.”

  1. These shots are absolutely stunning and creative; they make me want to see more of your work, so I’ll follow you from now on.

    Have a terrific day! 🙂

  2. […] Renae Rude A long time coming, but now there’s happiness to spare. […]

  3. Welcome to NC. My move here 11 years ago was monumental as well. But you’ll like being “in the middle.” Wait until winter. You’ll find it hilarious when everything stops for a little snow. Because we don’t have the equipment to melt or move it, everything closes until the ice melts in the road.

  4. stenoodie says:

    Love that photo of the community pool. It must have been amazing to be lounging there on a clear sunny day! 🙂

  5. Jay Moeller says:

    Glad you’re settled in your new NC home, hope you and Ogre have a long and happy life there.

  6. Welcome to NC! I’m in the same boat right now. Hadn’t really blogged for months because of our move from NY to NC and having a house to sell, pack, and move to another state is incredibly daunting.
    We’re not getting any younger – which definitely shows (at least with my body, LoL ) when taking on this huge task.
    I’m sure that pool of yours is a sanctuary. Especially in this great weather.
    Take a long deserved break – this fan will continue to follow you. Return to us when you’ve recouped some energy.
    As far as my blogs – they’re just gonna have to wait a little longer. At this moment we’re moving from our apartment into a new house.
    Life happens, I’m so glad you made it to this lovely state. You’re really gonna love it.

  7. Hunter Shea says:

    Best of luck in NC. I have a lot of family there and spent many a summer in Greensboro and Raleigh. 🙂

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