This blog is meant to be a paranormal refuge for horror fans, because …

… I know how hard it is to stay true to your paranormal self when you’re embroiled in the bright and shiny world of the normals.

I’m lucky. Now that my youngest child is 19 and going to college, I can afford to delve deep into the  horror / paranormal world. I may not be eager to get arrested while doing a paranormal investigation, but having an encounter with a cop in graveyard in the wee hours would not disrupt the education nor destroy the social life of my spawn. These days, I could wear a pointy witch hat to the grocery store in April if I wanted … it’s even possible that neither of my kids would flinch if they happened to be along for the ride.

practical magic paranormal horror fan refuge retreat escape

Truth is, I’d be more like to chose one of these hats.

That was not always the case. For many years I was caught up in a lifestyle that demanded me to be proper. (Being a parent, especially a home school parent, will do that to you.) My true history, interests, and preferred pastimes had to be kept on the down-low.

munsters paranormal horror fan refuge retreat escape

Even as a child, I felt so sorry for Marilyn Munster.

Just about the time that my proper-parent persona could be retired, our life blew up. I had already created this blog – and started taking my writing seriously for the first time in 15+ years – then I was suddenly plunged into an unexpected period of down-sizing, life-simplifying and working full time. Now, after a tumultuous three years or so, my family has come into a magical life-stage in which I am able to dedicate myself to writing full-time about dark and beautiful things.


Things like Jack and Stephen.

A major part of my goal for this blog is to create a refuge for folks who aren’t as lucky as me just yet. It’s a love letter to  people who can neither afford to spend too much time digging into the paranormal / horror world to find the good stuff, nor step too far outside the lines in their pursuit of dark and profound things.

This would be too far outside the lines.

This would be too far outside the lines.

I know that most of the readers that show up at my page in the middle of night, or on their lunch hour, are still deeply embroiled in the same kind of life I had just a few years ago. For some of those readers, life revolves around PTO meetings that need attending, scout troops and sporting leagues that need leading, and play-dates that need arranging. Others have jobs and careers that require massive amounts of time and energy to nurture. And they have employers and co-workers who will not tolerate overt displays of gothic or dark sensibilities on the sales floor or in the next cubicle.

NCIS Abby goth character

Unless you’re a forensic specialist, apparently.

On top of all that, some of my readers are also trying to fit writing and art-making around the edges of their work-a-day worlds. They come here to get a taste of the things that feed them and help to fill the creative well.

th ring girl climbing out of the well

This looks like my creative well.

I’ve been there. And I survived it, but there’s no need for you to have to suffer a lack of eerie and interesting distractions and inspirations. I wish there had been a blog sanctuary like this one for me to read when I had limited time and energy, coupled with a deep need to retreat from the normal world for a while.

Now that I have the luxury of time, I feel it’s my mission to make such a place for you. Make yourself comfortable and let me know if there’s anything special you’d like to see, here in the sprawling haunted house that is The Paranormalist.

~ Renae

PS: Click the pic to go to a source site.

Ready to learn some tips and tricks to help you get away with being paranormal? Come this way, to Body Preservation.


11 Comments on “This blog is meant to be a paranormal refuge for horror fans, because …”

  1. I always tell my husband if he was a TV character he’d be a male version of Marilyn Munster.

    Keep digging and finding those paranormal and Gothic “love notes” for us. I always look forward to your unusual stories, experiences and thoughts on these things. I even remember the first post I read on your blog. It was about a haunted hotel. I was hooked!

    I was thinking about how we hide who was are in the way we dress. Ahhh thank goodness for accessories. Gloves, jewels and hats can turn boring regular normal into paranormal delight, or at least make us look super stylish and interesting.

    Always looking forward to your posts. JK

    • Ah, you’ve tapped into one of my things … figuring out how to pay homage to Gothic style, without being an aging cartoon. (If I had been nubile in the right decade, I would have worn head-to-toe, black, lace and leather :))

      Are you familiar with Michel Negrin?

      I made this collage myself, for a future post.

      Yet another post that’s on my editorial calendar. See? I already made this collage for the post image. Will there ever be enough time?

  2. Exactly why I jumped at the chance to visit the haunted soda machine in Seattle. Life is far too staid and normal most of the time! Keep on doing what you’re doing – your readers appreciate it.

  3. […] Posted: April 8, 2014 | Author: Renae Rude | Filed under: *Favorite Posts | Tags: creepy, eerie, fun, horror fan,paranormal, Renae Rude, The Paranormalist | 2 Comments […]

  4. I am a paranormal investigator and podcaster. I am also a homeschooling mom and have an arm dipped in so many areas (apparently I have too many arms). I have just stumbled across your blog and love it! I actually get to meet Marilyn and Eddie Munster this summer (so excited) and I had coworkers for years that told me I reminded them of Abbie. huh- I just found a haven- thank you. I will visit again- Cari (The Paranormal Sass)

    • Hi, Cari, and welcome.

      Isn’t it amazing that we can feel so “different from everyone” in real life, yet find dopplegangers online? ANOTHER home schooling paranormal investigator. So much for the stereotypes, huh?

      I’m getting only a twitter link here … do you blog as well? Will there be pictures of you with the Munsters?? Twitter goes by so fast; please let me know if and when you post pics somewhere, will you?

  5. I want to see everything through your tinted lenses.

    • You know, it’s funny. I even sleep in my glasses – quite literally – so I don’t miss anything. But that’s not what you meant, I know 🙂

      I think it’s a choice to see everything through a possibly-paranormal lens. I’ve taken some flack for it from folks in my lifetime, but I’ll not be changing it any time soon … it’s all just too potentially awesome and wondrous to give up.

  6. I LOVE your blog so much. It feeds the fires inside my black and orange heart. Thank you so much for the inspiration and delicious oasis or paranormal delights. (The three happy little hedgehogs -my babies- snuggled up around me currently and napping in their cuddlesacks thank you too. They also love all things dark and spooky.)

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