‘NetNet: Halloween trading cards, hunger, the Munsters, crystal balls, Vampire Maman, a true ghost story and Undertaking Hartford.

So, once again I hit publish when I meant to hit save. Which is Freudian, because I have to leave for Anoka in about 15 minutes. I’ll be spending the afternoon doing some makeups for my friends, and the evening documenting (and enjoying) the 2nd annual Walking Dead Pub Crawl.

Anoka's First Annual Walking Dead Pub Crawl

Confession: I have not managed to get caught up on all your blogs this week. The following list of links, then, is probably incomplete.

Now might be a good time to define ‘NetNet a little. There is no way I’m going to capture every great thing that happens in my personal web, let alone on the wider internet. The posts I feature here just happened to catch my eye. They resonated with me and whatever is going on in my life right now. And they are worth sharing.


Acadia from Superficial Gallery (and friend of Eva Halloween) has this brilliant thing going on:

halloween activity cards

Halloween Activity Cards – A New One Every Day In October.



This week I put some time in on Body Preservation. Consequently, posts about health and well-being have been leaping out at me. Here’s a really good one: Hunger by Jerimi at My Antidepressant Life



Nostalgia, pure and simple: Halloween Marathon: The Munsters by Elizabeth Periale



If I’d seen these before I wrote my Halloween Decor post, they would have been featured. Just gorgeous. Pooka and I might try to make some Spooky Crystal Ball Candlesticks when she’s home.


book lavender undertaking hartford

When I wrote Creepy reads for the Halloween season, one of the featured “new guys” – Mitch Lavender – had pretty much confined himself to short stories. This week there’s news of a novel. Read an excerpt from Undertaking Hartford … a dystopian, post-apocalyptic, zombie western.


written in blood ghost image

In the spirit of Halloween, John Mountain of Written in Blood, has shared a personal ghost story. It’s a good and believable tale.



Are you reading Juliette King? She writes Vampire Maman – a journal of a modern vampire mom. This week, she reposted a short and simple piece that almost captures the concept of her blog. (No one piece can convey all of it, but this will get you started.) Read Musings on the Human Capacity for Love.


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