This Week in Macabre & Mysterious Media: April 27 – May 3, 2015

Availability status updated on Aug. 3rd. 2015.


Tristis est anima mea | Preformed by La Compagnia del Madrigale | Composition by Carlo Gesualdo

This beautiful music was composed by a man who murdered his wife and her lover in 1590.

The absolute best movie I saw in April was:

movie poster housebound



Starry Eyes (2014) NR

Available on DVD from Netflix.
Available streaming on Netflix. 
No longer Available from Redbox.
I’m probably not going to watch this one, because the reviews are telling me that it gets pretty gory in the second half. It’s a shame, because the first half sounds really intriguing. If you do watch it, and think it’s worth the splatter, let me know. Because I know I’m not the best person to judge hard-core horror, I’ll share the following review (with spoilers) by Craft Fear, who loved it. (She pairs her movies with an appropriate beer, then reviews both, which I think is brilliant.) Read the piece here: A Devil’s Tale Paired with Soul-Selling Starry Eyes.
On IMDb here.

An American Haunting (2005) PG-13

Available on DVD from Netflix.
No longer Available streaming on Netflix.
Not Available from Redbox.
Donald Sutherland & Sissy Spacek star in this film inspired by the Bell Witch haunting. This one has received several recommendations in the comments section of my post The 13 most haunting films, for ghost story lovers (and another 13+ worth watching.) I’ll be making the time to see it this week. UPDATE: I thought this was a little too on-the-nose … or something.  I’m being too harsh … maybe. Perhaps it would be best to direct you to a review from someone who is more articulate when it comes to this film. Read a proper review on Danse Noir.
On IMDb here.

Fantastic Voyage (1966) PG

Available on DVD from Netflix.
No longer Available streaming on Netflix.
Not Available from Redbox.
On IMDb here.



True Story (2015) R

Available on DVD from Netflix.
Not yet Available streaming on Netflix.
Available from Redbox.
On my weekend get-away, we saw THREE movies in the theater. This was the best one. (I’ve gone back to the appropriate listings for Ex Machina & Age of Adeline to leave my opinions of those movies.) There’s nothing paranormal here, but there’s plenty of dark psychology. The relationship that develops between the two main characters gives me the chills. Fine performances by both Jonah Hill and James Franco, plus at least one fantastic scene by Felicity Jones. Well worth the watch.
On IMDb here.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) PG-13

Available on DVD from Netflix.
Not yet Available streaming on Netflix.
Available from Redbox.
On IMDb here.


Penny Dreadful | Showtime | Sundays | 10/9c | Resuming May 3rd.

(2nd season.)
Season 1 is available on 3 Netflix discs.
On IMDb here.

Showtime is giving away a taste as follows:

Penny Dreadful | Season 1 Episode 1: Night Work | Full Episode

Penny Dreadful | Season 1 Episode 2: Seance | Full Episode

Penny Dreadful | Season 2 Premiere | Full Episode

I’m still not sure I should be sharing programs that are only available on premium channels, so my featuring of such shows will be hit or miss. I did want to mention Penny Dreadful though, because it’s really quite wonderful, once you get used to it. We don’t have Showtime, but I saw most of the first season while I was staying with my daughter in North Carolina last summer. I’m actually fighting temptation to subscribe … there are other shows I miss too. 


pooka monster movie buttons

 I have been waiting for my daughter to make this listing go live for a MONTH. This set is available in pin-back style (think flare buttons) for $14, or in magnet style (think refrigerators) for $20. I’ll be ordering all 12 designs in the magnet style so that I can wear them in my pendant necklace. Order yours here: Pooka Creations. And, if you think they are cool, why not share the link to my daughter’s work on your social media outlets?


My son brought my attention to a Tumblr artist who is developing Erma, a character reminiscent of one of our favorite ghost girls, Samara Morgan, from The Ring. See the imgur gallery here or visit the artist’s Tumblr bog here.



The color of the title is keyed as follows:
Black = Have not yet experienced. I’m interested … or I think you’ll be interested.
Red = Have experienced. Not recommended. Worse than the reviews or buzz indicated.
Orange = Have experienced. Recommended, with reservations or cautions.
Green = Have experienced. Recommended. A good movie that lives up to its reputation.

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