Guest blogger: Chammi (14) relates a night visitation experience.

Hello, I am Chammi. I am a guest blogger.

Renae is my aunt and is spending time with family, and asked me to do her blog.

I was sleeping soundly one night, and woke up feeling as if something was watching me. I hadn’t quite woken enough to open my eyes yet, but when I did I was startled. There was a young female standing there with one hand outstretched towards my cheek.

She had very long silky hair, a very dark shade of brown. She was wearing a night gown of sorts, lined lace trim. Her eyes were puffy and red as if she had been crying for days. She moved slow and mechanically out the door, not bothering to open it. I figured I had been dreaming and wouldn’t remember it in the morning so I shrugged it off and went back to bed. I knew that it couldn’t have been a dream, for when I awoke I still had it burned to memory.