‘NetNet: True haunted house tale, new scary short films, old eerie short films, a quote hunt, a Robert McCammon short story, Gone With the Wind, and TV updates.



Ghosts & Ghouls has posted another good first-person account of a haunting. Of course I can’t verify the story, but I do try to find well-written, plausible tales to share with you. Reader Submission: Life in a Haunted House fits the bill.



Eva Halloween, who features a short horror video at her blog almost every Friday night, has picked out 5 favorites. Read:  Friday Night Features: Our Top 5 Horror Shorts of 2013.



Robert McCammon has gifted us with a fresh short story called White. Get the link to the story, or to EPUB (for Nook) or MOBI (for Kindle) at his post: Kick the New Year off with a new short story by Robert McCammon!

robert mccammon



I’ve recently started following an (often) irascible teacher at the blog Infinitefreetime. I always enjoy his style, but this post in particular drew me in. Since reading it, I’ve found myself thinking I should re-read Gone With the Wind with an adult’s eyes and awareness. Read: In which I don’t like liking things.




Madeleine Swann finds the coolest stuff.

There are four more selections over at: The eerie and enchanting world of early cinema. (I just love that title.)



“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Aside from committing to writing more, I’ve also made resolutions to improve my health and finances in 2014.  (Like most everyone.) In early December, I started hunting for tools to help me achieve this year’s goals, and I think I’ve found a couple of good ones. (Yes, I plan to tell you about them, but that’s for another kind of post entirely.) Today I found the above quote, unattributed, in the wilds of one of those tools. 

I had to hunt it down, of course.

I found my answer at a blog called Quote Investigator. Read about the hotly debated source of the quote in: Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Words; Watch Your Words, They Become Actions (Ralph Waldo Emerson? Lao Tzu? Frank Outlaw? Gautama Buddha? Bishop Beckwaith? Father of Margaret Thatcher?)



One of the things I hate about the holiday season is how my favorite shows go on hiatus.

I’m quite excited that AHS: Coven is coming back on Wednesday the 8th. I’ve been waiting for the upcoming special guest episode since I first met Misty Day in the bayou. (Yes, I suspected it would happen, even back then – ask Ogre.) Anyway, squee aside, here’s the latest teaser:

My other favorite 2013 show, The Blacklist, returns Jan. 13. (The Walking Dead isn’t coming back until Feb. 9th.)

What I’m REALLY excited about, though, is Downton Abbey which will begin its 4th season TOMORROW! (Sunday, Jan. 5th.)

Finally, this is just a heads-up that BATES MOTEL Season 2 will premiere on A&E March 3rd and is expected to have a 10 episode run.


There is no way I’m going to capture every great thing that happens in my personal web, let alone on the wider internet. The posts I feature here just happened to catch my eye. They resonated with me and whatever is going on in my life right now. And they are worth sharing.





Reblog: A Haunting We Will Go by Pamela Morris

NOTE FROM RENAE: The accidental theme here at the blog this week has become ghosts! You must know how happy that makes me.  In a couple of days I’ll be sharing an updated version of the Courting Creepy Ghost Stories list. In the meantime, enjoy this piece by Pamela Morris.

Pamela Morris Books

What with all the hoopla going on about The Conjuring, (which I have yet to see, btw) and the myriad of ghost hunting shows out there, I figured it was time I shared my own ghostly experiences. It truly makes no difference to me whether others believe in this sort of thing or not. My boyfriend is a total non-believer and I still love him regardless.

The earliest true ghost story I was told came to me from my maternal grandmother, Angeline.  She was visiting friends for the weekend and had been given the spare room to sleep in. This room was used by anyone who came to visit them, including numerous grandchildren. On her first night there, she was preparing for bed. As was her habit, she always read a bit before turning off the light for the night. She was doing just that when the door opened and…

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When would YOU get the hell out of the house in The Conjuring?

Nearly every haunted house movie begins the same way – a middle-class family invests every penny they have in an old fixer-upper.  There is a married couple, a child (or children,) a cat and/or a dog. There is often (though not always) something a little dysfunctional or unusual about the family. Communication is these families is usually spotty at best. The husband and wife don’t confide in each other. The parents ignore unusual behavior by the kids or the animals, and don’t give credence to anything odd the kids say. The family is full of hope. It’s a brand-new, high-stakes, fresh-start for everyone.

Then bad things start to happen.

Ogre and I just got back from seeing The Conjuring. It’s a great movie in many ways, destined to become a horror classic.

But …

I could not help but ask myself the same question I always do when I see another haunted house movie:

  • When, exactly, would I pack up my shit and get the hell out?

When you’ve see The Conjuring (and I recommend you do if you haven’t) PLEASE come here and tell me when YOU would flee. (Or, at the very least, seek out professional help.)

WARNING: If you click the following (READ THE REST OF THIS PAGE) link, you will see a detailed list of scary events that happen to the Perron family, leading up to the moment when they contact the Warrens.


movie poster the conjuring

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