Friday Night Picture Show: Pinehaven’s Haunted Dead End Hayride

Haunted houses aren’t the best venue for photography, but we caught a few snapshots, before the ride proper started, last night:

hayride tallman bugging pooka

calendar dead end


This is a FANTASTIC haunted experience, at a pretty good price.

Stop at the Shell gas station, which is across the road from the entrance to the property, to pick up some discount tickets. Depending on which night of the week you go, you’ll get $1 – $3 off off admission. (Our family of four paid $52, on a Thursday night.)

We were disappointed that the cheese curd stand is not operational unless it’s Friday or Saturday. The short line, however, was awesome.

Before and after the hayride, guests are welcome to mill about in the farmyard. There’s a small bonfire, a bull riding machine, a food counter with drinks and simple snacks, and a dance area with pop music playing.

The haunt itself starts when you board a hay wagon drawn by a tractor. There’s a 10-15 minute ride through a haunted wood with several good drive-through scenes and lots of costumed characters popping out, hopping onto the wagon, then disappearing.

The characters throughout WILL touch you; you are not allowed to touch them.

Eventually the wagon stops and guests are told to disembark. For the next 40 minutes or so, guests proceed on foot, through many themed areas. That’s all I’ll reveal above the cut.

If you’ve got the money and the time, go. It really is fun (and not horribly gross or disgusting.)


Friday Night Picture Show


My favorite parts were:


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Friday Night Picture Show: Sharing a frozen pizza with The Boy.

Para- / par-ə / Prefix. ”Alongside, near, beyond, altered, contrary to.”
norma/ nawr-muhl / Adjective. “Conforming to the standard; usual; regular; natural.”

Another moment of my paranormal life, captured forever:

I NEVER get any pepperoni.

PS: Yes, a few of you have already seen this post. I accidentally published it last week, when I meant to share 1894 Hinckley, MN Firestorm. I took it down right away, but some of you are QUICK!


Friday Night Picture Show