Jason (The Beau) on Jason Voorhees. (A peek at my “normal” life.)

So it’s Wild Card Wednesday again. Tonight I’m bringing a glimpse of my “normal” life to you. The following (heavily edited) Facebook post is from my personal, non-paranormalist, FB page. The Jason who features so prominently in the thread is my daughter’s significant other. (You know her as Pooka, purveyor of fine buttons.)


I’ve often referred to Jason as “The Beau” here at the blog.

You’ve actually met him before, in the post:

Courting Creepy: 13 crucial movies – for zombie lovers – at Halloween (or anytime.) By Jason.

and, more recently, in:

Body Preservation: Pannekoeken (aka Dutch Baby) a cheap & easy 5-ingredient, 5-step, recipe.

I suppose he shows up here at the blog more often than my blood family because we share a love of the horror genre. (Though he’s a little darker than me.)

When the conversation happened, I was deeply amused. Now that I’ve got this “Wild Card” thing going on, I have an appropriate slot for sharing it.

FB Jason edit


I’ve got to say one thing about the women in our family, we have excellent taste in men, if what you want is brilliant and snarky.