Macabre & Mysterious Music: Folk Alley Halloween Stream

The following image is a screen shot from where you can listen to a 5-hour stream of Halloween-appropriate folk music. (Click the image to go there.) Once you’ve arrived, locate and choose your listening option in the “listen” area, shown below. A small independant window will pop up, and you’ll likely be greeted by: This is the Halloween music stream bwah-ha-ha! Then you’ll join the music stream, in progress.

‘Seems like a great soundtrack for crafting or cooking. Many of the songs are actually stories, so it’s not an ideal background for writing or studying. 

folk alley screen shot


Click here for the Halloween stream page, then chose a listening option from within the yellow box.

folk alley logo


Click here to learn about other music options at Folk Alley.

NOTE: Because I’m a stickler for respecting copyright, anything posted here at the blog will be carefully vetted – I’ll only embed videos and sound clips posted to YouTube by the artist for sharing, or those being offered by the original artist from the artist’s home page. If you know of a cool, creepy, macabre or mysterious song, drop me a comment. I’m always looking for good stuff.

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