The Paranormalist’s 13 creepiest title sequences from television series.

Tonight I watched some episodes of Dexter with my husband. It’s been a couple of years since I checked in with the show, and I had forgotten how much I like its opening title sequence. Of course, the experience sent me down the rabbit-hole otherwise known as youtube. I’m resurfacing at four o’clock in the morning, happily creeped out by a combination of real and remembered thrills inspired by my trip through TV’s horror-world. ‘Thought I’d share.

13. The Addams Famiy – a favorite childhood memory. 🙂

12. Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

11. Forever Knight.

10. Fringe – short but effective.

09. Millenium – does anyone besides me remember this show?

08. The X-Files – in truth, the sequence isn’t very creepy … but that music!

07. American Gothic – this is the “series trailer” which isn’t quite the same as the opening sequence I recall, but it’s got the right flavor.

06. American Horror Story – season one. Presumably season two will have a different opening, matched to the new story.

05. Carnivale – beautiful work here, but the real eeriness was in the show itself.

04. Dexter.

03. Tales From the Darkside – this one still gets me right in the creepy spot every time I hear it.

02. True Blood – Some graphic stuff here, kids.

01. The Twilight Zone – nothing will ever take its place in my heart.

Signing off now. Good night all.