Photo-sharing platforms where you can participate in #HauntedPhotoAWeek.

Please see the main entry for #HauntedPhotoAWeek before being concerned with this page, which is just a guide to all of the participation options.



You can play along immediately, by simply taking a photograph with Instagram and tagging it #hauntedphotoaweek and the hashtagged word you’ve selected from the inspiration list. You may also add the hashtags as a comment to one of your old Instagram pictures which suits the theme. (In order for this to work, your Instagram feed must be set to public.) To see all the photos that have been tagged as such (aka “the Instagram Gallery”) simply tap the hashtag #hauntedphotoaweek after is has become a link on your posted photograph.

You may also access the Instagram gallery by choosing the star-like icon at the bottom of your Instagram program, which takes you to “explore.” Then tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page. Then choose the tags tab, and type in #hauntedphotoaweek.

Photos that I can access by tapping my own #hauntedphtoaweek tag will be in contention for being re-posted to The Best of #HauntedPhotoAWeek Galley, here at The Paranormalist blog. Update: I cannot “save image as” from Instagram, so I will only be able to post a link to Instagram-submitted winners on the The Best of #HauntedPhotoAWeek Gallery unless you contact me directly to send the image in a program that works for me.

Instagram Troubleshooting:
Lately, hashtag links have been behaving inconsistently for some people in Instagram. If your Instagram is not working like it used to, it may be because Facebook recently bought Instagram and now the two accounts must be connected to work perfectly. For more information see:


I’m starting my first group board at Pinterest for this project. If you are active on Pinterest, visit and leave a group membership request on the main pin, which looks like the image below. Once I’ve invited you to join the group and you’ve accepted, you will have posting privileges on that board. At that point, you can pin an image you have posted at your blog, or upload a new one. Please post ONLY original photographs, taken by you. Please hashtag the photo with both #hauntedphotoaweek and the hashtagged word you’ve selected from the inspiration list.

If you want to take this challenge in the most formal way possible, Pinterest is a good option. Create a personal board to be the home-base of the 52 (or more) shots you take through the year.

Pin a copy to the group board to contribute to the “Pinterest Gallery” and to put them into consideration for recognition at  The Best of #HauntedPhotoAWeek Galley, here at The Paranormalist blog.


I’m building a group at Flickr. If this is your preferred photo-sharing platform, visit and join the group: You must agree to abide by the rules posted there (which are identical to those at the bottom of the main page of #HauntedPhotoAWeek.) Members have full posting privileges immediately. Like Pinterest, Flickr is a good place to manage your work. You can create a “set” on your own Flickr page, then share to the group, where the “Flickr Gallery” resides.

Photos that are properly submitted and tagged will be considered for enshrinement at  The Best of #HauntedPhotoAWeek Galley, here at The Paranormalist blog.


You are welcome and encouraged to use the #hauntedphotoaweek hashtag on your Facebook page, but please be aware that only your friends will be notified of such postings. I will not have access to the images unless they are correctly hashtagged then posted to Instagram, the Flickr Group or the Pinterest Group Board. Consequently, images on Facebook alone will not be in consideration for recognition.

Facebook Bonus: 
Is IS possible to view your own Instagram feed, AND the feed of a favorite hashtag, on your Facebook. You need to add the Instagram App to you profile page. (On your timeline home / profile page, click “more,” then “apps and games,” then search for Instagram.) To see an example of how the viewing feed works, pop over to my Facebook page,, click on the labeled image I’ve made for Instagram (in the header, near photos and likes,) then choose the #hauntedphotoaweek tab. Anyone can add one # feed (in addition to their own Instagram feed) if they have this app installed to FB.


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