Keeping Score

[NOTE: This section of the blog is under construction.]

Keeping Score is about getting credit (giving yourself credit) for successfully getting through each day, as well as for moving toward major goals. The system allows you to learn how to examine your normal activities and design a daily tally sheet that is based on reality and reflective of your goals and idiosyncrasies.

A Keeping Score tally is a paper list of potential tasks that you need — or like — to do. The tally allows you to earn points for each activity you complete. Your accumulated point totals, when tracked over time, help you gauge your functionality and develop strategies to increase your productivity and your sense of self-satisfaction.

The tally is first carefully designed to suit your life, then duplicated in bulk so that you may use a fresh tally to track your accomplishments every day. Creating a personalized tally requires some time and effort. Keeping a tally once it has been designed, on the other hand, is easily accomplished in just a couple of minutes each day.

A tally looks something like this:

keeping score tally sample

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to keep a tally.


Yes, that is my actual score, from an actual day. I put together a full-length tally of my own to use while I’m developing this Keeping Score page. (Until I started this resurrection project, I was using a shorter, less detailed, streamlined version in my planner. It will be good for me to work on some of these details though.)

This is one style of tally, but everyone who makes one ends up personalizing its appearance. Apparently, right now, I’m into neat tables. I’ve had lists that were designed very differently, even illustrated. What matters is the content, not the appearance.

[NOTE] As of January, 2013, I’m bringing my savior back from the almost-dead. This page will be Keeping Score’s homepage, where you will find links to additional pages that will outline the system and the process of setting it up and using it over time. The following bullet-points are clickable links. I’ll be adding content in chunks here:

Go to the office supply store and buy yourself a spindle.

Go to the office supply store and buy yourself a spindle.


2 Comments on “Keeping Score”

  1. mistylayne says:

    This is awesome – I need to try this. I’ve gotten much better at time management and stuff but I still flounder from time to time – I’m major depressive, generalized anxiety, PTSD and cyclothymia so my head is always full of fun stuff. 😉

    • I understand completely! I’m not surprised it appeals to you – it was my then-undiagnosed bipolar II condition (aka cyclothymia) that inspired it, in particular the depressive phases. I had to come up with something, after having tried EVERYTHING else I could lay my hands on, with little to no success.

      I’ve worked out an “editorial calendar” (that’s a new concept for me) for 2013, so I have an idea of when I’ll be finished with this. I’ll go ahead and post sections of the draft as I go. I expect to add a section each week, and be done with it by mid-February. At that point, I hope, it will be prettier and easier to navigate.

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