A personally meaningful passage from A Wrinkle In Time.

I’m not sure it’s okay for me to post this, but I need it to make another post make sense. Let me sooth my karmic concern with this: Go buy the book. Read it if you haven’t. Read it again if you already have, because it will be different now that you’re older. Then give it to a bright 10-11 year old child.


“Tell us what you’re doing here,” Charles Wallace said.
“What is this? The third degree? Aren’t you the one who’s supposed to be the moron?”
Meg flushed with rage, but Charles Wallace answered placidly, “That’s right. If you want me to
call my dog off you’d better give.”
“Most peculiar moron I’ve ever met,” Calvin said. “I just came to get away from my family.”
Charles Wallace nodded. “What kind of family?”
“They all have runny noses. I’m third from the top of eleven kids. I’m a sport.”
At that Charles Wallace grinned widely, “So’m I.”
“I don’t mean like in baseball,” Calvin said.
“Neither do I.”
“I mean like in biology,” Calvin said suspiciously.
“A change in gene,” Charles Wallace quoted, “resulting in the appearance in the offspring of a
character which is not present in the parents but which is potentially transmissible to its
“What gives around here?” Calvin asked. “I was told you couldn’t talk.”
“Thinking I’m a moron gives people something to feel smug about,” Charles Wallace said. “Why
should I disillusion them?

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