The Sunset’s Light

This week’s weekly photo challenge theme is rise/set. This is a bit troublesome for me.

I’m almost certain I’ve NEVER taken a picture of a sunrise (though I’ve seen a few just after being up all night) and I rarely take photographs of the sunset itself. Oh, I know. A sunset is pretty, but it’s not as compelling for me as the light it casts on the world around me.

Today, (and probably for the rest of the month of April) I need to be in and out of here quickly, because I’m taking another crack at FINISHING the carnival novel before May 1st. (Thank you, Camp NaNoWriMo, for the latitude “NaNoWRiMo” grants me in my personal life.)

With no further nattering on, here are some shots that (almost) capture the sunset’s light:

Ooh, ooh, I found an actual sunset … along with a MOON rise. That counts, right?

Here are some of my favorite ‘RISE/SET‘ responses from others:

(I’ll add more IF I have time to browse, so feel free to check back.)

a stunning selection of actual sunsetsand another set, in a darker, more somber palette – Invitation to a Haunted Dusksunset boatssunrise mist (On, yeah! I have seen this phenomena, back when I was working the graveyard shift at the Paranormal hotel. Never thought to take a picture though) – Ah! someone else decided to go with the moon too –  gold! by ‘bonegirl’. Love that name.roiling skyOh, cool. Some-brave-one did a black and white sunset.sunset Ferris wheelfrozen ground, fiery skybeachbridge & balloonsgolden harbora spill of lightbland –  more sunrise mist(!) over falls – For Ogre: Grand CanyonNow this is the kind of sunrise mist I remember.

click her for more on the Weekly Photo Challenge


Fair warning: I’m returning to regular blogging after a long hiatus. I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. My posting schedule is off, and things might be a little messy if you wander around long enough. 


4 Comments on “The Sunset’s Light”

  1. Thank you for linking to my somber palette. 🙂 I agree – images of objects in the last light are more precious than the actual sinking sun. I especially like your water feature and flowers.

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