One week until Halloween 2015!

2015 1 week til halloween

Another week has flown by. I hope you all are having a great season so far.

I’m still not at 100%, but today I’m heading out for a whole day with a friend. Our plan is to go hunting at the Goodwill, then drink too much coffee and talk our heads off on a patio somewhere, (if the sun will come out!) then, after dark, venture into the Alchemist bar.

alchemist with tenders

A shot from the day Ogre & I discovered it.

Here at the blog, great photos are still coming into The 2015 Halloween Photo Hunt. Time is running out for participating in this year’s hunt. It’s a perfect weekend to print off a list and go out taking pictures for an artist date (solo) or a game (with friends.) Now’s the time to catch all the fall colors and decorations, while they are in full-bloom (so to speak.) I’d love to display your results.

Here’s this week’s cross stitch project progress photo:

cross stitch 1 week until halloween

I’m almost done … except for those bleeping black areas. To complete it, I’ll need a bright, sunny day. Because I’m old. (Black on black is a challenge for 40-something eyes.) Meanwhile, I’m designing my next project … which I think will be a sampler. Gotta tell you, I’m a bit shocked I’ve actually made so much progress in about five weeks.

What have you been doing to celebrate the season?


8 Comments on “One week until Halloween 2015!”

  1. Do they serve Absinthe at the Alchemists bar? 😉

    • It turns out they DON’T! This surprised me a little. The bartender there, though, is a local star so they really push his (absolutely amazing) signature cocktails. There’s one drink (the French Teen Idol) that contains absinthe, so we got a tiny taste.

  2. I saw Crimson Peak today. Lovely Gothic, well acted. Just didn’t care for the director’s choice of ghoulish “creature” effects. Tom Hiddleston was perfection.

  3. Brittany says:

    My goodness! I didn’t realize you were a fan of cross-stitching too. I used to sit for hours while binge-watching Netflix, cross-stitching anything I could. I know it’s a couple of weeks old, but this post has motivated me to get off my butt (or back on it, rather) and work on some unfinished projects!

    • I did cross stitch back when my daughter was little … 20+ years ago. Then I took up knitting and forgot about how satisfying a nice cross stitch project can be. I came back to it just because I became taken with the idea of a carpe noctem design. It was a tough reintroduction to the art, but I love the way it turned out.

      The stitching is done now, but I haven’t yet figured out if I want to turn it into a pillow, or make a wall hanging, or what. Custom framing is ridiculously expensive.

      • Brittany says:

        No kidding! I got some custom frames made for some Star Wars-themed art pieces that were gifts to my husband a few years ago. The frames, even on sale, were more than the price of the pieces!

        I need to go back to the samurai I was working on. It’s so lovely, and meant as a gift for my husband (one day). It’s quite large though, so I always go through phases of activity. Unfortunately it’s been far too long since the last one!

        Anyway, I love the Carpe Noctem! I hope to see pictures of the finished product when you decide how you’ll use it.

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