Three weeks until Halloween 2015!

2015 3 weeks til halloween

Another week has flown by. What have you been doing to celebrate the season?

Me? Honestly, It’s been a bit of a lost week for me. (Been writing, writing writing.) Today, Ogre and I (and our dog) went off on on a little adventure, but nothing scary came of it …we just saw a lot of pretty leaves as we drove 150 miles north to buy some candy, then turned around to drive straight home 🙂

Here at the blog, lots of great photos are coming into The 2015 Halloween Photo Hunt. (I’m working on my personal album there too, but I’ve got some work to do if I want to make a respectable showing.)

I just published a catalog of the Halloween buttons my daughter makes and sells at her Etsy shop, Pooka Creations. (The 2015, limited edition, Halloween Hero buttons are now available!)


Have a look and order something from her … it will impress her that her mom can bring in some business for her 🙂

Other than that, I’ve been stealing some time to work on my cross stitch project.

cross stitch 2

at 3 weeks until Halloween

cross stitch 2

at 4 weeks until Halloween – for comparison

Cross stitching takes a LONG time … especially when you’ve brilliantly decided to use black silk on black canvas!

This week, I think I’ll be pulling out our boxes of Halloween decorations. The time has come to sort through what we have and decide what will be moving with us to North Carolina. (With any luck, next year I’ll be celebrating in the same state as my favorite Halloween Buddy, my baby-girl.) I suspect I’ll have to carve a fresh Jack O’ Lantern, though the one from last weekend is holding up surprisingly well. I think my boy and I will be going to a pumpkin farm / petting zoo for his birthday. (Nostalgia demands it. He practically grew up there, because it was very close to our old house.)

I hope you all are having a great season so far. If you are having trouble getting into the mood of things, consider watching some recommended movies (Halloween, Ghosts, Iconic) and/or taking some seasonal photos.


4 Comments on “Three weeks until Halloween 2015!”

  1. I once drove 60 miles for a bagel, and Tara went 71 for a corn dog. You’ve got us both beat with your candy fixation, though!

    • It was for my Ogre 🙂 We learned a few years ago that an old fashioned candy shop is a lovely destination when we’re looking for an excuse to get out and about — fun and not too expensive. We decided to go to a new one this weekend so I did a MN-wide search. Of course I was planning to choose something close.

      BUT then I saw one of the listings talked about something called “hot air” candy which is also known as sponge candy. This is something my husband likes, that I won’t touch. He will normally buy it in a bag from Fleet Farm. I figured this stuff from small-town handmade candy store would be better.

      He says it is 😀

      He’s talking about getting it shipped to him once we move.

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