Three weeks until Halloween 2015!

2015 3 weeks til halloween

Another week has flown by. What have you been doing to celebrate the season?

Me? Honestly, It’s been a bit of a lost week for me. (Been writing, writing writing.) Today, Ogre and I (and our dog) went off on on a little adventure, but nothing scary came of it …we just saw a lot of¬†pretty leaves as we drove 150 miles north to buy some candy, then turned around to drive straight home ūüôā

Here at the blog, lots of¬†great¬†photos are coming into The 2015 Halloween Photo Hunt.¬†(I’m working on my personal album there too, but I’ve got some work to do if I want to make a respectable showing.)

I just published a catalog of the Halloween buttons my daughter makes and sells at her Etsy shop, Pooka Creations. (The 2015, limited edition, Halloween Hero buttons are now available!)


Have a look and order something from her … it will impress her that her mom can bring in some business for her ūüôā

Other than that,¬†I’ve been stealing some time to work¬†on my cross stitch project.

cross stitch 2

at 3 weeks until Halloween

cross stitch 2

at 4 weeks until Halloween – for comparison

Cross stitching takes a LONG time … especially when you’ve brilliantly decided to use black silk on black canvas!

This week, I think I’ll be pulling out our boxes of Halloween decorations. The time has come to sort through what we have and decide what will be moving with us to North Carolina. (With any luck, next year I’ll be celebrating in the same state as my favorite Halloween Buddy, my baby-girl.) I suspect I’ll have to carve a fresh Jack O’ Lantern, though the one from last weekend is holding up surprisingly well. I think my boy and I will be going to a pumpkin farm / petting zoo for his birthday. (Nostalgia demands it. He practically grew up there, because it was very close to our old house.)

I hope you all are having a great season so far. If you are having trouble getting into the mood of things, consider watching some recommended movies (Halloween, Ghosts, Iconic) and/or taking some seasonal photos.


Fun, 1 inch, collectible, buttons for Halloween!

Regular readers know that my creative and talented daughter has an Etsy shop where she sells original designs on 1″ collectible buttons.


BTW, a one inch button¬†is¬†about the size of a quarter. Thanks to the movie Office Space, many of us think of these little gems as “flair.”

Pooka’s¬†buttons can be purchased in a pin-back style ($1.25) or as a magnet ($1.75). (Oh, I almost forgot that she now offers key chains too, for $3.)

The magnets can be used to decorate any metal surface, of course, but they can ALSO can be worn in a pendant (which Pooka Creations sells.) Here’s a video I made about it a couple of years ago, that shows how it works. (I think¬†all the designs shown in the video are still available.)


Just last night, Pooka listed this year’s limited edition Halloween Hero button for the 2015 season.


Does that look familiar? She chose this year’s design in honor of my cross stitch project.

I have written about Halloween Heroes in the post, Twisted Ding Dong Ditch (Reverse trick-or-treating the Halloween Heroes).

At the Pooka Creations shop, My girl describes the intent behind these buttons, and why she began to make them. Here’s an excerpt:

On Halloween 2013, I went through neighborhoods looking for thirteen houses that had decorated fabulously and were handing out candy to kids. I gifted each of those houses with a special “Halloween Hero” button I had made just for the occasion, and I thanked each of them for keeping my favorite holiday alive and well. I thought others may enjoy collecting these designs for themselves, or may want to hand them out to awesome Halloween Heroes in their own neighborhoods.



Now¬†seems a fine time for me to share a selection of my daughter’s¬†Halloween-appropriate wares. There’s plenty of time for you to order some as tokens for the Halloween Heros you know, or to choose some favorites, from all of her designs, to be special hand-outs on Halloween night.

Pooka Creations is known for careful craftsmanship, quick shipping, and helpful (and charming) customer service. (Check out her nearly-200 five-star reviews.)

Aside from the designs shown in the video, here are a few that I think are especially appropriate for the folks who find their way to this blog:

Then there’s the special things:

pooka creations steampunk set

… and this REALLY special thing:


This post-apocalyptic styled necklace is the first piece she’s offered that branches away from her beloved buttons.

(… Well, the SECOND piece, really, because the first one already sold.)

Clicking on any of the stand-alone images in this post will whisk you to Pooka Creations,

where you can browse through even more designs and place your order.

Otherwise, click the following link to go to the shop’s main page.