Four weeks until Halloween 2015!

2015 4 weeks til halloween

What have you been doing to celebrate the season?

Me? Well, for one thing, I’ve been busy updating and repackaging some of my Halloween content classics for inclusion in the new Halloween index page, Your Guide To Halloween Season. (I keep going back and forth … should that be Your Guide to THE Halloween Season, or should I leave it as is?)

This week, I revised my:

I also added links to two movie suggestion lists: 13+ Ghost Movies & Iconic Horror Movies to the guide.

Some cool photos are coming into The 2015 Halloween Photo Hunt from individuals who are intent on filling in their galleries this season. (And I’m working on mine, of course.) There’s a new companion post, available from the hunt’s home page, too:

The Halloween Photo Hunt: The Real-World, Social Group, Scavenger Hunt, Version

Off-line, I’ve been making progress on my Hotel Novel and some personal projects. I’ve been getting out into the pretty season as often as I can, and I’ve been working on my cross stitch project (though not as much as I’d like.)

cross stitch 2

Other than that, just this:


2015 jack 1

2015 jack 1 dark

And so October begins … the time is going by SO fast! I hope you are having a great season so far 🙂


12 Comments on “Four weeks until Halloween 2015!”

  1. I’m celebrating by going to a tarot convention next weekend. Never been to one, but been reading and collecting for years.

  2. Heather says:

    I am so glad you have this site. I live for autumn and love Halloween.

  3. My house is usually the go-to place on Halloween. This year there is a zombie party and a Harry Potter themed party too. I’ll leave the teens at home and drag my adult friends to the parties then end up back at my house. At least that is the plan. In the meantime I’m decorating.

  4. Well, we booked a ghost tour in a pioneer cemetery on Halloween, so there’s that to look forward to!

  5. Hunter Shea says:

    You are the Queen of Halloween! Here’s what I’ve been up to (and some great giveaways for the peeps who visit your blog!) –

    • I just watched the Halloween episode of Monster Men last night. (And went off on a tangent about Haxen in the comments.) Still need to go grab my free copy of Dark Dossier and enter your book giveaway at Goodreads. Busy, busy.

      Readers: you all ought to pop over to Hunter’s link and get your treats too!

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