Halloween Treats: Adult Coloring Pages

Adult Coloring Pages

Recently, my husband and I went to the bookstore where we saw dozens of themed coloring books prominently displayed, all of them intended for adults.

I couldn’t help but think the retailer has a brilliant sense of timing.

In late August and early September, I am always struck by back-to-school nostalgia. For me, that nostalgia manifests as an almost primal urge to hunt for and gather fresh creative supplies.

In the early autumn, when I shop for things I actually need, I keep accidentally wandering into the office and school supply section, where I linger over new academic planners and fondle new journals. I am prone to searching for a familiar green and yellow box just so I can open it and breathe in that new Crayola smell. (Is it stealing if all you do is snort up all the scent your sinuses can handle?)

I don’t really need any new art  supplies. I’ve got plenty of crayons, markers and colors around the house. What I really need is a reason to use them. I am pretty sure there is a new coloring book in my near future, but I don’t yet know what theme I want to purchase. Until I figure it out, though, I can content myself with a few coloring pages.

I’ve offered a couple of links to free, printable coloring pages here at The Paranormalist in years past, as a sort of Halloween treat. This year, I’ve double-checked that those designs are still readily available AND I’ve found some new ones to share.


NOTE: I discovered that finding free coloring pages on the web is more complicated that one would think–there are A LOT of badly formatted sites out there.

All of the links I provide below will lead you to a PDF version of the image which will print on one standard size sheet of paper … you DO NOT have to download the document to special PDF viewers that so many of these pages aggressively advertise. (You do need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC — but you probably already do.) All of the following links have specific information about what to click. In general, clicking the correct link will open a new window with a larger version of the printable image. When the full-sized image opens, drop your cursor into the lower right corner of your window so the control panel opens.

TIP: Printing the designs on white card stock will give you an even better coloring experience, especially if you want to use colored pens or markers, rather than crayons or colored pencils.

Adult Coloring Pages for the Halloween Season:

NEW 5 Designs From Secret Garden:

Back in 2013, Johanna Basford published Secret Garden a vanguard title in the adult coloring book trend. Since then, she’s drawn at least two more books which can be ordered from Amazon, and found in many bookstores and gift shops. She is the rock star of adult coloring book artists. I’ve found five of her designs from Secret Garden available for free at The Guardian.

Please click this link to view the list of designs, then click each text link on that page to open each PDF. Forgive me for not posting thumbnails; the potential layers of copyright protection (between the book & the newspaper article) make me nervous about posting the images here. Here’s an image of the coloring book:


For the lead-up to Halloween, I especially love:

  • #1 (a garden scene that could be colored to reflect late summer)
  • #2 (a Mandela-style owl that begs to be colored in autumnal tones)


NEW Seven Sugar Skulls:

6 sugar skulls at Coloring Castle.

Choose from 3 difficulty levels, or a blank skull on which you can make your own decorative design.

At the above page, click the text link directly beneath the design.

Sugar skull woman with flowers at Kidspress.


At the above page, click the blue PRINT button beneath the design.


NEW Two Intricate Horror Designs from Coloring Life:

  • Slasher Movie – at print screen: change layout to landscape and change margins to minimum (Default margins will make it over-run a tiny bit onto a second page.)
  • Graveyard Celebration – at print screen: change layout to landscape and change margins to minimum, which makes it slightly larger

At the above links, look for the SMALL gray box that says “Print.” It’s above the random ad, which is above the image.


3 Halloween-themed coloring pages at Activity Village.

At the above links, click the text link directly above the design.


BlueBison.net has a Haunted House with Skeletons:

coloring haunted-house-with-skeletons-small

At the above link, follow for the instructions under the image.

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