You want creepy? My whole blog is creepy!

I’ve felt incredibly welcomed into the PostAWeek community from the very start, and now I’m half-convinced they are making prompts just for me. This week’s theme is, of course, ‘creepy’ and I’m all over that 🙂

Now seems like a good time to announce that I am in the process of creating a section of the blog which is dedicated entirely to photos and photo projects (like The Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt, and The Haunting Photos Gallery.) The section can be accessed anytime by clicking on the ‘haunting photos’ link in the blog header area. (And by clicking HERE.)

I could post a number of photographs in response to this week’s prompt, but I’ll limit myself to one that I don’t think has ever appeared at the blog before:

haunted house extra creepy w


The above photo was taken when we walked the Ghosts of Anoka Tour, in Anoka, Minnesota.

This particular house’s ghost manifests as a prankster who likes to turn lights on and off and ring the doorbell. This activity is more impressive than you might image, because the doorbell in question is not electrical. Instead, it rings mechanically, when it is twisted. It looks something like this:

After our group had moved past the house, we actually heard the bell ring. I’m sure someone (living) inside the house was deliberately making the tour more exciting for us, but when we looked back there was no one visible in the well-lit porch. Creepy.

PS: I have no idea WHAT the two dark, straight, lines in the yard are. I don’t remember seeing any pipes or signs or trellises there when I took the shot, and they don’t look natural to me. I did not add them to the photograph.

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PS: If I’ve linked to you below, I would love to include one or more of your shots in my Haunting Photo Gallery. Check it out, and drop me a line in the comments or at if you’re interested 🙂

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