12 weeks until Halloween! The seasonal activity checklist is ready for you.

Soon it will be time to start thinking about autumn and Halloween, but right now it’s high summer, and there’s much to celebrate about that.

Now is a GREAT time to think about what you still want to do, while the weather is hot and sultry, and while we’re still in that magical season that feels at least slightly less structured than the rest of the year. The days are still long. The nights are still warm. Stormy weather still comes in sprints of wind, lightning, and thunder that pass, instead of marathons of cold and ice and snow that strand us in our homes.

If summer is slipping by too quickly, and if you want to remember to do all the things that make each season memorable, click the following shareable countdown image, or the link below that, to go to the Halloween Countdown post where you’ll find a printable checklist of fun seasonal activities … activities that begin right now.

hallowen countdown 12 weeks final

EDIT Sept. 17th, 2015: The blog and especially the Halloween posts are undergoing reorganization. The Halloween Countdown is changing. I have updated the following links.

With 12 weeks to go, I’ve prepared for you a printable, portable, Halloween Countdown checklist of activities that will remind you to enjoy the rest of this summer and autumn, and help you suck every delectable bit of marrow from Halloween’s bones … from now until the wee hours of November 1st.

Halloween Treats: a celebrate the season activity checklist

To see more Halloween Countdown content, visit the homepage:

Halloween Index

4 Comments on “12 weeks until Halloween! The seasonal activity checklist is ready for you.”

  1. elizaberrie says:

    I was checking out at the Home Depot yesterday and the young lady who was checking me out was saying how much she was looking forward to decorating this year….her first house, I couldn’t help but grin big and wonder where did I store that cauldron again?!

  2. Colin Newton says:

    I’m sorry, but there’s an error in your post; you say that “soon” it will be time to start thinking about Halloween, when in fact, it is never too soon to start thinking about Halloween. Because…Halloween.

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