Schnikes! TONIGHT (Sat. Aug. 1st) marks 13 weeks until Halloween!

I was not prepared.

I realized the significance of the day at 11:00 pm on August 1st. Then I panicked.

Luckily the first offering in my little Halloween advent calendar didn’t require much updating. I’ve added two new Halloween-themed flicks to the alternates list, but the 13 Paranormalist-recommended films remain the same. (A classic is a classic for a reason.) I have added a direct Netflix link to each movie listing, to make it easy for you to set up your DVD queue. (Once again, most of the movies are NOT available on streaming.)

Click the following countdown image, or the link below that, to go to  the movie list.

H'ween CD 1 Aug 1 - 7 (THIRTEEN weeks 'til)

August 1st ~ 7th  

To start things off, here’s a list of Halloween-themed movies to watch in the next 13 weeks. It’s designed to lead you slowly, gently, inexorably, into the proper mood. If at all possible, watch one each week between now and Halloween, in the suggested order.

Read: 13 movies ~ set on or around Halloweentime ~ to watch in the 13 weeks before Halloween.

Over the next little bit, I’ll be watching the following films, as suggested by folks in the comment thread, for possible inclusion in this list:

  • Witches of Eastwick – update: watched it, loved the first two-thirds of it again, but determined there is NO Halloween.
  • Casper – update: Not meant for grown-ups. I might appreciate it it more if I’d seen it with a kid. There is a Halloween atmosphere though, so I’ve added it to list.
  • The Frighteners
  • Rob Zombie’s Halloween
  • House of 1000 Corpses

Can you think of any others I should check?

Activity here at The Paranormalist will be increasing over the next few weeks as we come into my favorite season. (Stay tuned for my upcoming list of the best horror / suspense films available THIS YEAR on Netflix streaming.)

EDIT Sept. 17th, 2015: The blog and especially the Halloween posts are undergoing reorganization. The Halloween Countdown is changing. I have updated all links as needed.

In the meantime, remember to luxuriate in the high-summer weather we have right now; it will be gone soon enough.