An art car at Cub. (I love my life.)


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The owner came out of Cub to find me circling her vehicle, taking snapshots.

I told her I liked her car, and that I thought it was very personal.

She told me:

“A while ago, I decided to get rid of almost all of my stuff. I wanted to have only what I really needed. I was ruthless with most things, but I kept one box full of mementos.

“For a time, I lived in this car, and I was crowed, but I kept my box of keepsakes in the trunk. One day, when I was staying at a wayside rest, I got the idea to make a peace sign on the hood with my marbles.

“Now all of the things I couldn’t get rid of are attached to the car.

“Eventually the car will die and I’ll have to junk it. That’s how I’ll let go of these final things.”

She also told me she’s spent a fortune on adhesives, and that something called ‘Marine Goop’ is the best.

I’m looking at my trusty Toyota Tacoma with speculation.


9 Comments on “An art car at Cub. (I love my life.)”

  1. zipcoffelt says:

    Funny… I read this post in the middle of putting together a box for Goodwill. It’s inspired me to be a bit more ruthless with letting go!! Nice one, Renae!

    • It hit me the same way, as I try to figure out what I want to take into my next life in NC. We culled a great deal when we moved from the house to the apartment a couple of years ago, but I’m ready for another purge.

      This time, I have to be careful … I have to weight the cost of moving a thing against finding out I can’t live without it and having to buy it again.

      The books are killing me. If only I had enough money to convert them to digital copies.

  2. I love art cars. I got attached to my last car after my apartment burned down. It was all I had left. Took 2 years to part with it after having it for 17.

  3. Just spent several hours cleaning our house. Maybe just a tad too many things? This is inspiring! Maybe I’ll start by glueing the spare change in the house to my car. Your Toyota by the way, is shivering in fear. Cheers —

    • It’s funny how this post has made folks reexamine the amount of stuff they have. An urge to declutter seems to be the first reaction people have. I think it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who is contemplating the question: how much stuff I’m willing to carry through this life?

  4. I love it! Then again, my dream is to buy an old VW Bus and paint peace signs all over it. #hippieatheart

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