This Week in Macabre & Mysterious Media: July 6 – 12.

If you follow me on twitter or FB, you already know this, but I thought I’d share here anyway:

The Ogre-Mobile was rear-ended at speed on Sunday afternoon. My husband is all right; alas poor Yaris is not.

crash w

It’s likely to be a tough week as we deal with car juggling and repairs
… and I was already behind on stuff.
Plus, I’ve got a lot of grateful mucking to do on my beloved.
If you’re waiting on something from me, please forgive the additional delay.
Now back to your regular M & M Media post.


Creepy Doll | song by Jonathan Coulton | video by John Ink

This week I’m most intrigued by the song & video above.
(My Ogre was actually the one who found it and brought it to my attention.)
Beyond that I guess I’ll go with:

movie poster selfless



We have a quiet week this time around. Nothing caught my eye on Netflix or in Redbox. As always, you can check for items I’ve featured in recent weeks by visiting Macabre & Mysterious Media links.


Self/less (2015) PG-13

In general release on Friday, July 10th.

Available on DVD from Netflix.
Not yet Available streaming on Netflix.
Available from Redbox.
Ben Kinsley and Ryan Reynolds. This one looks good to me.
On IMDb here.

The Gallows (2015) R

In general release Friday, July 10th.

Available on DVD from Netflix.
Not yet Available streaming on Netflix.
Available from Redbox.
I’m so tired of just about everything I see in this trailer: urban legends, a teenage cast, found footage. Bleh.
On IMDb here.

I’m going to leave the following advice here until Inside Out leaves the theaters. It’s that good.


If you can, go when the theater has a mixed audience of adults (male & female) and kids. For more thoughts about this movie, visit its updated listing here.


No interesting premiers this week either. I told you it was quiet. I did take some time this weekend to watch last week’s premiers, Zoo and Humans. (You can check out my updated thoughts about these two shows and the movie, Max, here.)



The color of the title is keyed as follows:
Black = Have not yet experienced. I’m interested … or I think you’ll be interested.
Red = Have experienced. Not recommended. Worse than the reviews or buzz indicated.
Orange = Have experienced. Recommended, with reservations or cautions.
Green = Have experienced. Recommended. Good (or great) work that lives up to its potential.

Updated 2016.06.03


6 Comments on “This Week in Macabre & Mysterious Media: July 6 – 12.”

  1. zipcoffelt says:

    Sorry to hear about the car accident. Having been rear-ended, I know the amount of hassle involved! I’m sending good thoughts your way! Been watching Zoo here and keep waiting for my cats to run away… Take care!!

    • We’ll be leaving soon to pick up a rental and the phone has been ringing off the hook all day. Yes, this is a pain!

      I’m grateful we have good insurance though, even if coordinating the team of people who are making claims, and towing the car, etc. is a bit overwhelming.

  2. Many blessings to you. Grateful there were no injuries. Another day in a busy life.

  3. Wishing you a speedy and hassle-free car repair experience!

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