You will be returned to your regularly scheduled investigation report next week.

Apparently, I’m going to be engaged in an entirely different set of adventures this weekend. (More details will follow — assuming anything interesting happens.) In the meantime, now might be a good time to catch up on the first two installments of Investigating a Haunting: Carlos Avery WMA, MN. 

To make up for my absence this weekend, I’ll post a random little something for you now.

(By the way, these are a bit raw and non-PC. Watch at your own risk.)

Epic Rap Battles with a Paranormal Spin

Stephen King v. Edgar Allan Poe

Jack the Ripper v. Hannibal Lecter

Rick Grimes v. Walter White

Stephen Spielberg v. Alfred Hitchcock
(This one is just filthy with the language, as my imaginary grand-mama would say. Enjoy.)

For more battles, suited to your particular tastes, check out all the videos on the ERB channel.

I hope you can get your spook on this weekend. (I’m certainly going to try.) If you’re looking for more paranormal entertainment to fill the time, feel free to wander through some recent

Macabre & Mysterious Media posts HERE.

Se ya.