For my Walking Dead Peeps.

My son brought this Imgur thread to me tonight. As my boy would say, it got me right in the mind. I had to step away from the PC because I was laughing so hard I got a stomachache.

Maybe it’s just me. (But Ogre was laughing pretty hard too.)

Here’s a sample, but click the link to see them all.

glue walking dead meme



5 Comments on “For my Walking Dead Peeps.”

  1. zipcoffelt says:

    Too funny. Although I have to say my husband had things to say about my sense of humor…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the Walking Dead. Everything stops around here and no one is allowed to interupt, and I felt so guilty laughing at this! But it’s very funny and Coral won’t mind. Rick might go berserk, but Coral will be fine with it.

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