And now a tiger salamander:

salamander in hand

I’ve been on a change-everything-in-my-life kick lately.

It’s been good. I went in for a long over-due check-up and got a clean bill of health. I took a look at my priorities and goals and made some real changes. I’m writing more and taking better care of myself. Pages are piling up. I’ve lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks.

I quit my job at the Paranormal Hotel. Okay, I sorta-kinda quit. I tried to make a clean break of it, but ended up agreeing to fill in for vacations and sick days and stuff … when I can. I suffer from some sort of twisted addiction to the place, I think. (I’m already scheduled for a long weekend in early May.)

I also started volunteering at our local nature center.

That chubby little guy up there is my new friend, Right-Side Salamander, aka The Fat One. (These are my names for him. The rest of the feeder-people don’t seem to make much of a distinction between the two.) Please forgive my filthy fingers … the salamanders need to have their soil loosened and moistened thoroughly, and the trowel is just unnecessarily awkward. I promise I wash very well after tending to my new buddies. (There are others critters I take care of as well. You’ll probably get pictures of them at some point in the future.)

I have been working on the blog too … you just can’t see any of that yet. I’ll give you a sneak peek of one upcoming feature though:

paranormal hotel block

Yep. It’s going to get its own section. (That link doesn’t lead to a public page yet, btw.)

… And that’s the end of tonight’s out-of-the-blue post. I just wanted to let you all know I haven’t died or anything, and that I’ll be back soon.


10 Comments on “And now a tiger salamander:”

  1. Congrats on sorta quitting. The less time spent there, the better. I’m working on the pounds and pages myself.

  2. zipcoffelt says:

    Making a change is always good. It’s like re-potting. New soil leads to new growth! Can’t wait to see what’s coming from you in the Blog world, Renae. And can’t wait for that novel!!

  3. Love the Salamander, reminds me of The Giant Gila Monster which I need to review in my next batch of Creature Features. 🙂

  4. Hunter Shea says:

    It’s always good to hit the old reset button every now and again. I am stoked to read the Paranormal Hotel blog.

  5. I figured you might have died and been haunting the Paranormal Hotel. Circle of life (pun intended) and all…

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